Garage Door Opener, Spring & Sensor Troubleshooting, Problem Solving & Emergency Repairs in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Are you struggling with the operation of your garage door? If you are experiencing problems with your garage door including strange noises or your garage door sticking or opening at random, it may be time to contact the experts at Quality Garage Door Repair for professional assistance. Delaying your Quality Garage Door Repair inspection could…

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Common Garage Door Malfunctions & Spring Problems in Henderson, NV; Only Closes When Holding Button, Opener Remote Not Working

One of the most frustrating situations to be in is when you are in a hurry, trying to leave your house, you finally wrestled all of the kids into the car, locked the house doors, remembered to grab your wallet or purse and the shopping list after a hectic morning … you open the garage,…

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Difference Between Garage Door Torsion & Extension Springs in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Any garage door owner should know the difference between an extension spring and torsion spring. Both types serve similar purpose but both serve that purpose in very different ways. “Extension” and “torsion” represent categories of springs. There are inherent dangers in dealing with garage door springs. Garage Door Extension Springs Extension springs are the most…

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