Garage Door Top, Side & Bottom Threshold Perimeter Seal Weather Stripping in North Las Vegas, NV

The garage door has many parts that allow proper function. Weather stripping is one component not necessarily required in order to function properly, but it is one that attributes to the efficiency. The weather stripping primary function is to keep the cold weather, rain, and snow as well as pests, dirt, and debris out of…

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Garage Door Roller Off Track in Summerlin, NV? Bent Tracks, Broken Lift Cables, Damaged Rollers, Backed into With Car & More

Anytime your garage door malfunctions it can be frustrating. When it comes off its tracks it can not only be frustrating but terrifying. There are a few reasons that garage doors come off their tracks. Quality Garage Door Repair would like to talk about these reasons in hopes that homeowners will be able to avoid…

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Repairing & Replacing the Different Types of Garage Door Cable Drums in Henderson, NV; Standard, Vertical & High Lift

When it comes to garage doors there are three types of cable drums used as a part of your garage door operating systems. The types used correspond with the type of garage door opener installed in the home. The three types of cable drums are standard lift cable drums, vertical lift cable drums and high…

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