Maintenance Tips; How to Apply Lubricant to Your Garage Door in North Las Vegas, NV

For loud or noisy garage doors, a quick remedy to help reduce all of that commotion is to simply lubricate your garage door. However you don’t want to do any guess work when it comes to lubricating a garage door and its operating systems. By not lubricating a garage door correctly or using the correct lubricants you can cause more harm than good. Quality Garage Door Repair will share how to properly lubricate a garage door and its other systems.

Supplies Needed to Lube Garage Door

To lubricate a garage door you will want to have a stool and ladder on standby, a cloth and silicone lubricating spray and lubricating oil meant for garage doors. Additionally, make sure to wear eye protection especially when working over head. Do not use the oil on the tracks either. Oil should only be applied to some of the moving parts of a garage door system.

How to Apply Garage Door Lubricant

Step 1. First, while inside your garage, open the door all the way up. Afterward, close the garage door and with a source of good light pay attention to all of the moving parts. Take note of those parts that may seem to shake or vibrate a little too much. Some parts to especially watch out for are the springs, rollers, and hinges. Also note the movement on the overhead tracks on the ceiling to see if the garage seems to jar or get caught up in certain sections of the tracks.
Step 2. Do some basic cleaning around your garage door and its systems. Remove any cobwebs, dust, and dirt. Clear away any obstructions and give yourself plenty of room to work. Do make sure there is no dust near the areas you will be working, especially when it comes to lubing or oiling.
Step 3. Using a silicone spray, apply a small amount at a time. Use the silicone spray on the hinges and springs first. Use the cloth or rag to help spread it around evenly and lightly. Open and close the garage door to help spread and loosen the garage door springs and hinges after they have been lubricated. Next use the oil on the rest of the moving parts and use the cloth to wipe up the access oil. (Do not put oil on the tracks). Again run your garage door through a few cycles to help work the oil into the parts.
Step 4. Using only the silicone spray, apply a small amount the on the tracks to lubricate them. You may want to use a stool or ladder to reach the higher sections of the tracks. Again use the cloth to help spread the silicone lubricant along the track and to wipe away the drippings or excess. Makes sure to lube the entire track system. You may need to open and close the garage door in sections to access the entire track system. Make sure to run a few cycles to make sure the lube is worked in.

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By now your garage door should open and close much smoother and quieter. It is recommended by professionals to lubricate a garage door and its moving parts at least once a year to improve its function and for longer use. If you need help servicing your garage door, Quality Garage Door Repair provides lubrication services and inspection to help maintain your garage door. Contact us today to schedule your garage door service.

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