Garage Door & Opener Installation Services for New Residential Construction

Quality Garage Door Repair is a full service residential garage door services company offering much more than troubleshooting and repairs. Our quality services also include thorough garage door inspections, preventive maintenance and tune ups, helpful consultations, friendly sales, knowledgeable replacements and also installations for new construction too!

DIY VS Professional Garage Door Installation

Installing a new garage door and opener is definitely not a do it yourself kind of job! It take professionals most of the day to install the garage door and opener. Lifting the new door up until the tension springs can be installed is hard work; especially when some doors weigh up to 400 pounds! Installation instructions vary for each manufacturer and particular door so even if you have observed (or going one step further assisted) in a garage door installation in the past; chances are the steps will be different this time around. You need specific tools that you may not have. Air driven impact wrenches and sockets can cut at least an hour off the assembly time! Some materials don’t come with the door due to differing ceiling heights so do you really want to try to figure out what you need in your specific case? Also, you could damage the costly parts you just bought. And finally the most important reason – garage door components are downright dangerous when you don’t know what you are doing!

Garage Door Installation Instructions (To Give You an Idea of What We Do)

The first step is building a solid jamb to support the track and temporarily nailing the outside door stop in place. If you have ever tried to assemble even something as simple as a bookcase before, you likely were surprised by all the parts. Well, just imagine all the parts involved in a garage door installation! Fortunately, our expert technicians at Quality Garage Door Repair are familiar with all these parts and not only know what they do but in what order to properly assemble them! We have the best well-maintained tools to make assembly a breeze; and the manpower to do the heavy lifting. We assemble the garage door, rollers, tracks, locks, springs etc and test everything – from the springs tension to all hardware and when we are done installing the door, we move on to installing an automatic garage door opener.

Installation of an Automatic Garage Door Opener

Quality Garage Door Repair know exactly what’s involved to install an automatic garage door opener correctly. We examine not just the door we installed but the surrounding construction too. Garage door openers have many parts including the rail, track, carrier, opener, trolley, motor unit, idler pulley, sensors etc. Depending on what type of opener, it may have other parts too such as a belt or chain etc. Automatic openers obviously require electricity to operate. Our technicians know and adhere to local codes. Once we are done with the installation, we will test everything from the safety reversal and protector systems and install safety labels.

Garage Door & Opener Installation Services for New Residential Construction in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

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