Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Tune Up Services

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Quality Garage Door Repair supplies residential homeowners with garage door services. We are completely licensed and insured to deliver a professional quality workmanship to our customers. With our high moral standards and work ethics and friendly customer service, your experience with Quality Garage Door Repair will be an exceptional one. We value our customers; as a result, we utilize high-end products, tools, supplies, and equipment exclusively available for licensed professionals to ensure premium results. Since day one we uphold high moral standards, family-friendly customer service and superior execution on all services rendered on consistent basis.

Residential Garage Door Tune Up Services

Quality Garage Door Repair offers residential garage door tune-up services to the homeowners throughout the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area. The garage door is the largest moving component to your home. And like anything else that is comprised of moving parts, it needs to be well maintained and cared for, including annual tune-ups. With a yearly tune-up your garage door can avoid frequent repairs and major catastrophes, as well as perform at maximum efficiency, and ensure the safety features are up to par. Quality Garage Door Repair comprehensive residential garage door tune-up is ideal to keep your garage door operating at peak performance.

Garage Door Tune Up Maintenance Checklist

Quality Garage Door Repair residential garage door tune-up is accustomed to your specific garage door needs; however, a general service may proceed as follows:

Garage Door Hardware

Inspection, Adjusting, and Lubrication of Garage Door Parts. Nuts, bolts, pulleys, chains, springs, cables, rollers, and more are all carefully examined, lubed, tightened, and replaced if need me be by a VF&I Garage Doors expert.
– Nuts and bolts have a tendency to rattle loose during the vibrations that occur while the garage door is opening and closing, over time, they frequently need to be tightened down.
– Cables will fray as they are used, considering how frequently your garage doors open and closed daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, the cables can easily become deteriorated and need to be replaced for safe and sufficient operation of your garage door.
– Rollers, like any moving part, will experience their fair share of wear and tear. If the rollers fall short, the garage door has difficulty opening and closing smoothly. During VF&I Garage Doors tune-up service, we ensure they are effective, and if need be, they are replaced.
– Springs will corrode and stretch, ensuring they are properly lubed can increase their life span.

Garage Door Tracks

Tracks need special attention. Often getting crumpled, bent, or crinkled, having a track out of alignment is not only bad for your garage door, but it is a safety risk that can cause bodily harm or property damage. Debris can also make your garage door suffer. We clean and make certain the tracks are in mint condition.

Garage Door Rubber Sealant

Rubber sealant is important to maintain, especially in the dry Las Vegas, Nevada desert. The rubber sealant acts as a cushion for the garage door but also a weather stripping like component, keeping the elements out of your garage.

Safety Garage Door Inspection

Safety inspection is particularly important to Quality Garage Door Repair and is an important aspect to our tune-up service. Running tests and diagnostics to ensure the safety features of your garage door are up to par is as important as keeping your garage door in full service.

Residential Garage Door Installation, Replacement, Emergency Repair & Tune Up Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your Greater Las Vegas, Nevada residential home is due for a tune-up, call in the experts at Quality Garage Door Repair today to schedule your tune-up service.

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