Garage Door Opening By Itself After Closing in Henderson, NV? Aging Batteries, Power Surges & More

Does your garage sometime open before you have had time to activate your garage remote or circuit board? Having your garage door open and close without activation can lead to several concerns. Today Quality Garage Door Repair will share some common causes that can trigger your garage door to open or close without any activation…

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Garage Door Materials; Aluminum, Wooden, Insulated Panels & More in Desert Shores, NV

Garage door construction varies. Rollup doors have metal frames to which is attached the coverings; steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood. In the dry-hot southwestern United States, with a lot of direct sunshine fiberglass and especially plastic oxidize and become brittle. Fiberglass will fare better than most synthetic resinous plastics, but sun bleaching may be a…

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Christmas Magnets, Murals, Decals & Holiday Decorations for Your Garage Door in Anthem, NV

If it hasn’t been done already, people are getting their homes ready for Christmas and that includes exterior decorating. People will string the Christmas lights on the home and landscaping as well as placing the decorations in strategic spots. At this time, we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to offer some ideas to…

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