Garage Door Lift Cable Replacement; If Came Off Spool, Keeps Coming Off, Loose & More

Quality Garage Door Repair exclusively specializes in residential garage door services in the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley. We are fully licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise with affordable prices. With Quality Garage Door Repair, our team is committed to bringing our customers a phenomenal experience We do this by executing superior workmanship, friendly customer service, high moral standards and work ethics to ensure our valued customers are satisfied with their care. At Quality Garage Door Repair, our technicians are masterfully trained, experienced and have remarkable skills that allow them to be more than qualified to efficiently perform any service we offer. We utilize high-end products and equipment exclusively sold to licensed professionals to ensure our customers receive nothing less than maximum quality results.

Garage Door Cable Replacement Services

Quality Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas, Nevada takes care of the residential home’s garages locally and in surrounding areas with cable replacement services. With the passage of time and regular use, your garage door’s components will experience wear and tear, one of the major parts that experiences such is your cables. Cables are one of the primary parts that keep your garage door working efficiently and safely. This essential piece of equipment is typically attached to the drum, which is located near the top of the door to the bottom most section of the door. The garage door’s cable primary function is to maintain the weight as the garage door opens and closes. If these cables deteriorate and break, the garage door ceases to operate and your garage door cables will need to be replaced by an experienced technician from Quality Garage Door Repair.

Professional VS DIY Garage Door Cable Adjustment & Repair

If someone lacks the proper training, tools, and experience, repairing the garage door cables to your home in the Las Vegas, Nevada desert could be a dangerous activity and result in bodily harm and personal property damage; we at Quality Garage Door Repair strongly encourage hiring a license professional to avoid these consequences. Your garage door cables are withstanding extreme volumes of tension and need to handle accordingly, one wrong move could result in serious injury.

Loose Garage Door Cables

If the garage door sticks open or closed, the cables to your garage door in Las Vegas, NV, that could be a tell-tale sign that the cables are in need of replacing. Additionally, if the cables experience loose tension they will sag and this is most common with extension springs assemblies where they have just been extended so long they stretch out and loose tension. Torsion springs are wound up and use shorter cables. If torsion spring cables loosen than the torsion spring has broken or cable drums have come loose or not tighten properly.

Residential Home Garage Door Repair Services & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Eventually the cables to garage doors will need to be replaced, depending how often you use your garage door. As you notice your garage door open and close jerkily, the cables could be the primary cause. With comprehensive inspection, Quality Garage Door Repair can evaluate your garage door and the garage door cables and make the necessary replacements to make certain your garage door opens and closes efficiently and is safe for everyday use. Contact Quality Garage Door Repair today to get started!

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