Weather Stripping Seal Replacement

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Need to Replace Weather Stripping on Bottom of Garage Door

Quality Garage Door Repair includes weather seal replacement for residential garage doors in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area. Garage doors are very durable and can withstand a considerable amount of weather extremes but over time, some components can deteriorate quicker than others. Weather stripping is one of those components that are more susceptible to weather conditions. Weather stripping is a vinyl rubber seal that is in place for a number of reasons, the primarily function is to keep the cold weather, rain and snow out of the garage. Additionally, the rubber seal prevents insects, pests and other such nuisances from gaining entry to your garage and home. The weather stripping also contributes to cushioning the garage door upon closing.

Weather Stripping Decay

Though the weather stripping is very durable, the years of high heat and freezing temperatures, along with pressure application every time the door closes and other such circumstances will eventually decay the weather stripping. Just as when other parts to the garage door fall short and needs attention, the weather stripping too needs replacing.

Signs You Need Weatherstripping Seal Replacement

Your Las Vegas, NV home’s garage door requires the proper maintenance and that includes the weather stripping; some red flags that imply the end of your weather stripping are:
– Feeling the intense heat inside the garage door
– Feeling the frigid cold inside the garage door
– Cracked rubber
– Holes in the rubber
– Dried rubber

Garage Door Weather Stripping Inspection

If you should notice any of these faults in your weather stripping it would be more ideal to get it replaced as soon as possible. If you are uncertain about the durability and integrity of the weather stripping on your Las Vegas, NV garage door, contact Quality Garage Door Repair today for a garage door inspection and maintenance service. With our inspection service, we inspect the garage door, garage door opener, and the tracking system to ensure everything is up to par and in prime condition so that everything operates at peak performance, including the overall condition of your weather stripping.

Weather Stripping Seal Replacement in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

The weather stripping on your Las Vegas, NV home’s garage is one of the many components to your garage door that keeps it operating efficiently, but is often overlooked in routine maintenance. Periodically evaluate the weather stripping and invest in an annual inspection service to ensure your weather stripping is in optimal condition. When the time comes, Quality Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas, Nevada can replace your weather stripping with quality parts and do so quickly and efficiently. Call Quality Garage Door Repair today for your weather stripping replacement service.

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