Residential Garage Door Selection, Installation & Repair FAQs

Quality Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas, NV specializes exclusively in residential garage doors locally and in surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured to offer professional quality workmanship at affordable rates. Our experts have advanced training, experience, and remarkable skills to deliver superior execution. We utilize premium quality products and equipment sold only to licensed professionals to ensure our customers receive nothing less than maximum results.

Residential Garage Door Selection, Installation & Repair FAQs

We know there are a lot of questions the residential homeowners of the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada have regarding their garage doors. Quality Garage Door Repair have taken the time to answer a handful of the most frequently asked questions.
Question: Do residential garage doors need to be replaced very often?
Answer: If your residential garage door in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas is not operating sufficiently, it can be a safety risk to people, as well as cause damage to personal property, and homeowners should have them replaced as soon as possible. If you have concerns about your garage door being up to par, a Quality Garage Door Repair professional can perform a comprehensive garage door inspection service and provide a detailed report on all the findings. If issues arise, we will include solutions for the problems at hand or advice on a replacement service. Generally speaking, depending on the quality of the garage door, and how well you kept up on the maintenance, can make your garage door last anywhere from as little as 10 years to as many as 25 years.
Question: Can windows be installed anywhere on the garage door?
Answer: Windows can in fact be installed anywhere the homeowner prefers on custom made garage doors. They can be easily installed anywhere within reason, however for optimal lighting and security benefits, we recommend keeping them at the top.
Question: If the glass in my garage door window is broken or damaged, can it be replaced, or do I have to replace the entire garage door?
Answer: Typically the windows are easily replaced, and with modern advances, replacing the glass with security and safety features to avoid damage is highly recommended and readily available within most homeowner’s budget.
Question: What is the average cost of residential garage doors?
Answer: This question has too many variables to be answered in simpler terms. Factors such as; styles, materials, size, insulation, hardware, and windows all must be considered when calculating the cost, among others.
Question: Can I purchase custom made garage door for my home?
Answer: Yes, your home’s garage door can be custom designed. Garage doors have standard sizes as well as unique sizes; and sometimes having a custom garage door is required for your home. If you opt to have a garage door custom built, you will need to know some facts, such as: what the size it is as well as the specs you so desire and so on. Starting this project with a consultation from Quality Garage Door Repair can help you get on the track.
Question: Are all garage doors designed to be safe?
Answer: Generally speaking, garage doors today have to a minimum set of safety features equipped to them if they are electrically operated. As safety is a major concern with garage doors engineers; being that they are the heaviest moving object attached to your home. Due note however, older garage doors lack the safety protocols modern doors have and need should be upgraded to protect your property and loved ones. To ensure your garage door provides the safety you need, have a professional garage door inspection service to evaluate the safety of your garage door.
Question: Are insulated doors really more energy efficient or is this another scam targeting homeowners?
Answer: Yes, insulated doors are more energy efficient! With so many people “green” oriented and wanting to save energy and costs, many folks are opting for insulated garage doors. The garage doors that are not insulated permit the outdoor air to manipulate the temperature in the garage, which inadvertently compromises the indoor temperatures. Insulated doors are proven to improve energy efficiency.
Question: Should I invest in additional upgrades to my garage doors to increase security, or is the electrical opener efficient?
Answer: The electrical door opener is generally adequate for keeping your garage door secure, however for added protection; it can never be too much to add electronic locking devices on your garage door.

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We hope this answered any of the questions you may have had. If you have a question or questions you do not see posted, please feel welcome to contact our office and we will happily answer any questions you have.

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