Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

For nearly 10 years, Quality Garage Door has been providing garage door services to the locals of Las Vegas and surrounding areas. With our affordable and comprehensive services, Quality Garage Door is top of the industry. We are fully licensed and insured to provide the services you require for your Las Vegas residential home. Each of our technicians is experienced with advanced training and skills to conduct the necessary repair and maintenance services you require. Our professionals combine their talented craftsmanship with exclusive professional grade equipment, tools and products to ensure each valued customer premium results.

DIY Garage Door Repairs Can Be Dangerous

There are some common problems and unique challenges that can be making your garage not run smoothly or at all. Much of the repairs require specially design tools that are exclusively sold to licensed professionals. The reason being is that the untrained civilian can sustain serious injury or catastrophic damages during the repairs or if the repair wasn’t efficiently executed. Many problems concerning your garage door are best suited for the knowledgeable and talented crew of Quality Garage Door to resolve. Call us at first sign of distress to contain the problems before they get out of hand.

Common Garage Door Problems Include

Garage door sticks during opening and closing. There are several circumstances that can be causing your garage door to stick. If you utilize a garage door opener, you can check the battery, sensor and switches. There could be obstructions on the track, or even damage. Lubricants could be at fault, or the cables and springs could be wearing out. No matter the circumstance, if your garage door sticks, our specialists can run visual inspections and diagnostics to find the problem, and get the repaired as soon as possible.
During motion, the garage door will shimmy or will not move evenly and smoothly. Most often than not, this is caused by debris on the tracks or in the wheels. However, further factors may be involved, if you do not see any obvious debris blockage, and then there is more to the problem. Springs or garage door openers could be the issue, which more frequently results in replacing the worn parts. If this is your problem, Quality Garage Door Repair comprehensive inspection check can determine the problem, and make necessary repairs or replacements.
During operation, the garage door makes loud abnormal noises. The commonly loud screeching, grinding and squealing noises could be debris on the track, or a lubricating issue. There could be underlying issues, if you are uncomfortable lubricating the tracks, where it must be done in a specific manner, trust the professionals at Quality Garage Door in Las Vegas, if it goes beyond a simple lubrication and track debris removal, or experts can find the deeper problems and make the repairs needed.
Garage door drops hard during closing operating. A falling door without any control can cause property damage or serious injury, if you experience this problem do not wait for the negative impact, and get Quality Garage Door professionals on the case as soon as possible. Broken cables and compromised springs are usually to blame, and they need to be replaced carefully and with special tools. Do not attempt this as a DIY project as it is a major safety hazard.

Emergency Garage Door Repairs in the Las Vegas Valley inc. Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

There are plenty of other garage door problems that need repairs on your Las Vegas home. Quality Garage Door professionals can make repairs for you safely and efficiently. With our appreciated clients being totally satisfied, you will keep our contact information stored in your phone for future repairs and maintenance. Call us today for your repairs and see why so many Las Vegas locals depend on Quality Garage Door!

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