June Is National Garage Door Safety Month in Summerlin, NV; Teach Children & More

The largest moving part on a home is the garage door. It is a huge and heavy object that moves up and down when the motor is engaged. The door has known to injure and even kill people when caution is not used. They have also damaged many items that include bikes and cars. That is why June has been designated as National Garage Door Safety month. This is a great time of the year to go over some of the ways that you can stay safe around your garage door. It is also a way to tell those that may not know what dangers exist when using a garage door.

Quality Garage Door Repair Lists Tips To Stay Safe Around Your Garage Door For National Garage Door Safety Month

Teach Young Children About Garage Door Safety: There are reports of children being injured or worse because of garage doors every single year. There are usually about 100 reports every year and that is why it is pertinent to talk to children about the garage door. Kids think that riding on the door as it goes up or down is fun but that is the most common way to be injured. They also think that running under the door as it is opening and closing is a good idea. You want to talk to them about staying clear of the door as it opens and closes and be sure that it has stopped completely before going under it.
Watch Your Fingers Around Garage Doors: There is a risk if you are too close to the garage door and your finger or hand is touching when it is engaged. The door is set on rollers that will follow metal channels up and down. The door is usually several panels that are hinged together so they roll seamlessly. The problem is that there is a perfect gap for a finger to easily be pitched in. The other area of concern for fingers is inside the door where the rollers go along the track. The rollers and the door are very heavy and if your finger is in the way it can be injured severely. There are over 200 reports of fingers being trapped in a garage door every single year.
Watch For Garage Door Damage: If you notice that your garage door has some areas of damage or wear you need to have it repaired right away. The door is being held up with large springs that when they are broken can drop the door quickly. The springs need to be replaced as well as inspected often to ensure they are functioning. Other areas of damage that could cause concern are if you have any glass panels. If the glass is cracked or damaged you want to have it replaced. The glass can shatter causing a laceration or cut if you are nearby when it occurs.
Take time this month to have your garage door inspected and any repairs done. Also have some discussions on safety and what you can do to stay safe this year.

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