How to Manually Open Your Las Vegas, NV Garage Door Without Power from Inside & Outside

It hasn’t been that long since garage doors became remote but since then we have all become very accustomed to using them. You pull your car in and out and expect that the clicker will remotely open the garage door or close as needed. When something happens that causes the door to not operate properly, it can put a wrench in your schedule. There are many reasons that the garage door might not open including broken springs, burnt out motor and damaged panels. Whatever the reason they can be repaired and fixed so that the door will start to operate properly. Another way that you might notice your garage door won’t work is due to a power outage. When the power goes out anything that is run with electricity will not work and that includes the garage door.

Quality Garage Door Repair Outlines Steps to Open Your Garage Door from Inside if the Power Goes Out

Initiate the Garage Door Bypass Handle: If you have a garage door that is automatic there is usually a bypass. The bypass is in the form of a rope that often is hanging about the garage door. If you go out in the garage and look up you will see the rope that will have some type of handle that makes it easy to pull. You want to go out and engage the rope or bypass trigger by pulling down on the handle. This is the way that the garage door is separated from the automatic motor. The easiest way to use the bypass handle is to pull on it when the garage door is in the closed position. If you have to pull the bypass when the door is open, be careful in case the door shuts down. Make sure that the area is clear so to not cause damage to the door or injure anyone in the way.
How To Operate the Garage Door After the Bypass Trigger: Once you have a power outage and you need to access your garage door, the first step was to use the bypass trigger or handle. Now the garage door will essentially work like a manual garage door. Don’t worry, people used manual doors for a very long time. That means that when you want to operate the door you need to get out of your car and use your muscle. You want to always lift anything with weight with your legs to be safe. The door is heavy and you need to be careful. Also be sure that you are aware of your surroundings now that your door does not have the safety features intact. This means if something is in the way of the door and you start to shut it nothing will stop it. You want to use the door minimally until the electricity is back up and running.

How to Open the Garage Door Without Power from the Outside

Some garage door models include a lock cylinder on the garage door; most often found in the top panel. To open the garage door from the outside without power, you will need the key for this lock cylinder. Insert the key and the lock should come out when turned. Attached to the back of the lock is a length of cord. Pulling this cord releases the door from the opener and allows it to be opened manually.

Residential Garage Door Repairs in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If you have a garage door that is malfunctioning because the power went out or for any other reason, be sure to contact a garage door repair company to make the repairs. Quality Garage Door Repair offers expert residential garage door services. Contact us today!

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