Garage Door Roller Off Track in Summerlin, NV? Bent Tracks, Broken Lift Cables, Damaged Rollers, Backed into With Car & More

Anytime your garage door malfunctions it can be frustrating. When it comes off its tracks it can not only be frustrating but terrifying. There are a few reasons that garage doors come off their tracks. Quality Garage Door Repair would like to talk about these reasons in hopes that homeowners will be able to avoid a problem like this happening in the future.

Misaligned or Bent Garage Door Tracks

The tracks that support your garage door are supporting a large amount of weight all the time. If these tracks aren’t made of durable steel, there is a chance that the weight of your garage door will bend them. When this happens, it can cause major problems for your garage door system. Alignments issues are another common problem we see with the tracks. They need to be perfect aligned in order to work properly. When bolts and brackets become lose, you run into this problem. If they are even the slightest bit loose, it can cause wobbling and the rollers can run off the tracks.

Broken Garage Door Lift Cable

This is a problem that usually only happens when the garage door is getting old and hasn’t been properly maintained like it should be. The problem starts with an alignment issue with the tracks, because if the tracks aren’t aligned the cables don’t line up like they should either causing them to snap. When it comes to the lift cables for your garage door, the heavier the door, the sturdier the cables should be. Always ensure you have the right cable to avoid one of your lift cables breaking. If this is the problem, it is likely that the garage door will close on one side while the other remains open.

Broken or Damaged Garage Door Rollers

The rollers are an important working part of your garage door. If you have a single garage door, you most likely have short rollers while double garage doors need to have long rollers to support the garage door size. You also need to consider the ball bearings your rollers have. They should have at least 10 ball bearings to work well. When you don’t have the right rollers for your garage door, or they are cheaply made, you could run into broken rollers that add stress to the remaining rollers. When this happens, you may experience a garage door off the tracks.

Backed Into Garage Door

You may have guessed this, but the number one reason for a garage door that comes off the track is usually because someone has hit it with their vehicle. For obvious reasons, driving your vehicle into your garage door severely damages it. In the case that this happens, you need to get out of the car and garage as soon as possible and call the professionals for help.

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No matter the reason for your garage door coming off the track, it can create a dangerous situation. Don’t ever attempt to repair these problems on your own. Quality Garage Door Repair has the right equipment and training to repair any problems with your garage door. Call us today!

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