Garage Door Top, Side & Bottom Threshold Perimeter Seal Weather Stripping in North Las Vegas, NV

The garage door has many parts that allow proper function. Weather stripping is one component not necessarily required in order to function properly, but it is one that attributes to the efficiency. The weather stripping primary function is to keep the cold weather, rain, and snow as well as pests, dirt, and debris out of the garage. Weather stripping is the vinyl rubber that is installed on the bottom of the garage door; keeping unwanted things out and also cushions the controlled falling of the garage door; absorbing much of the impact. The weather stripping is more susceptible to weather conditions and climate than other components do and can deteriorate quickly.

Signs Garage Door Weather Stripping Needs Replacement

With the ability to last for years under high heat and freezing temperatures, dry climates, the regular use of the garage door, and other such circumstances, the weather stripping does eventually decay; when it does, replacement is required. Signs the weather stripping is in need of replacement include:
– Feeling Extremely Heated Air in the Summers that Leak Inside the Closed Garage
– Feeling Excessively Cold Air in the Winter that Filters Inside the Closed Garage
– Dried Vinyl Rubber
– Cracked, Splits, of Holes Vinyl Rubber
If any of these conditions apply to your weather stripping, it will need replacing, otherwise the elements of the outdoors will find its way inside your garage. Especially if your garage door is insulated, replacing the weather stripping is essential for the full effect.

Tools Needed to Install & Replace Weather Stripping on Garage Door

Replacing the weather stripping can be done by the homeowner, however a few challenging steps can be presented. A professional can make the replacement quick, simple, and efficient having the training, experience, and necessary equipment to complete the task. If you want to tackle replacement on your own, you will need the following:
– Flat Bar (pull old nails out if applicable)
– Galvanized Roofing Nails (for wooden garage doors)
– Hammer
– Measuring Tape
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Sheet Metal Screws (for metal garage doors)
– Weather Stripping (fits the length of your garage door.

How to Replace Weather Stripping Around Garage Door

1) You may need a C-clamp if the garage door doesn’t stay in place, but you will want to open the garage door high enough to comfortably perform the replacement.
2) Generally, 16 feet of weather stripping is needed, but with your tape measure, confirm the length of weather stripping you will need.
3) Old weather stripping will need to be removed; use your claw hammer or flat bar to remove any existing nails.
4) If the weather stripping is held in place by a track, simply pull the old weather stripping out from one side and install the replacement by feeding it through the track and apply step 7 if necessary.
5) For easy installation, layout the weather stripping to the width of the garage door.
6) Begin attaching the replacement with appropriate nail or screw, starting from one end of the door. Ensure the weather stripping is installed with the larger, sloped edge to the outside of the door, leaving the flat part against the bottom.
7) With the scissors, trim any excess.

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