How to Replace Broken Garage Door Window Frame & Glass Inserts in Henderson, NV

Many garage doors have windows to allow a little bit of natural light to fill your otherwise very dark garage. As great as these windows are, in most cases it may seem rather bothersome to replace a garage door window when it breaks. However, regardless of what caused the window to break, you will want to replace it. For some who will to try to repair the broken window themselves, Quality Garage Door Repair will share how to replace a garage door window.

How to Replace Broken Garage Door Window Frame & Glass Inserts

Before you begin, keep a few things in mind. One, some window frames may not a have a rubber seal to hold the glass in place. Some may use caulking glue instead. Depending on how your windows are held in place, you may have to change up the following step by step methods shared below. If you’re lucky you may have the snap in windows that are much easier to replace. As their name suggests, they snap in and out. Lastly, remember to wear heavy duty gloves when removing broken glass to prevent your hands from being cut.
Step 1. Remove all the screw at the face of the window’s frame face. (Save the screws!) It helps to have someone on the other side to grab the other side of the frame so it doesn’t fall and possibly break.
Step 2. With the frame off, remove all the broken glass. Make sure to dispose of the broken glass shards to prevent any unnecessary injury.
Step 3. With your window frame in hand measure the inside of the frame where the glass is inserted and held in place. When you make your measurements, make sure to measure the width and length but don’t use the direct middle. In most cases the window frame has too much give which often results in a miss-measurement. Instead measure the width and length at end of the window frame. Write down the measurement to cut the proper size glass replacement.
Step 4. If you are able to cut your own glass or are replacing the window with plastic acrylic glass, cut out your replacement glass to fit inside the window frame. However you can also contact a glass replacement company and give them your measurement and have them cut the size glass you need to replace the garage window. Acrylic glass is actually plastic which is much easier to work on for those who don’t have the ability to cut actual glass. Acrylic looks just like glass but also has the added benefit of being sturdier than actual glass.
Step 5. You may want another hand, or use tape to help you put the glass and frame back in place. If you have help, have the person hold the outside frame in place while you’re inside putting the glass in the other side of the frame, back on. With your saved screws tighten the two sides of the window frame together. If you’re working alone, use duct tape to hold the outside frame in place. Once everything is tightened in place you can remove the duct tape.

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Replacing a broken window is easy and doesn’t always require a professional. However if you need assistance with any of your garage door repairs, contact Quality Garage Door Repair. We provide many services from inspecting to repair or full garage door replacements. Contact Quality Garage Door Repair today.

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