Automatic Garage Door Opener Security, Lock Systems & Break-in Prevention in Henderson, NV

As the holiday season approaches how many of us will be hiding gifts in the garage? The security of your garage door should be considered because garage doors are a weak spot with the security of your home. They can be easily accessed and allow the criminal a place to hide after they get in and many people out on a walk or driving by won’t think twice about a work truck parked outside an open garage door.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

When automatic garage door openers first came out they all had the same code. Can you imagine the security risk?! All a criminal needed to do was drive down the street with a remote and see which doors would open. As the garage door openers became more sophisticated, dip switches were added to increase their security but criminals could get their hands on a code grabber to re-transmit your code. The newest systems feature rolling-code technology that transmits a new code every time you press the remote. With over 100 million codes, it’s almost impossible for a code grabber to work.

How to Make a Garage Door More Secure

1. Leaving your garage remote in your car allows criminals access to your home after they have taken it from your car, so don’t do it!
2. Instead of using the remote that clips onto your visor, you can buy one that goes on your key chain so it goes with your rather than staying in the car.
3. Put a deadbolt on the door from the garage into the house. It’s a little inconvenient to have to unlock an extra lock, but it’s more secure. The door should be just as secure as the door on the front of your house. It needs to be strong and be made of solid-core wood or reinforced steel.
4. Try not to leave your garage door open. You may feel comfortable in your neighborhood and trust your neighbors but these are the neighborhoods criminals will drive through first to case houses.
5. You can put a wide-angle peephole on the door from the garage to the house that will allow you to see what’s going on if you hear something rather than opening the door.
6. If your garage door has windows on it you should consider covering them or frosting them to prevent thieves from peeking in to see what you have, or have a new door installed that doesn’t have any windows.
7. When you’ll be gone for long periods of time you should put a padlock on the throw latch. If your garage door not have one, you can use a c-clamp tightened on each side of the door track to act as a lock.
8. You should do routine maintenance on your garage door on a regular basis to look for corrosion or other issue that can put it at risk of being used as an entry point for burglars.

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You can test the security of your garage door by putting yourself in the shoes of a would be criminal. Try getting into your garage to figure out areas that are weak. Don’t be vulnerable to break-ins this holiday season and call Quality Garage Door Repair today to correct any problems.

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