Different Types of Garage Door Springs; Torsion & Extension Spring Replacement in North Las Vegas, NV

There are many components to a garage door that function and move that are at risk of breaking. The garage door is the larger moving part of the house and that means that when something breaks it can be a real annoyance and set back. Although there are many parts that tend to need some repair, one of the main complaints and problems comes from the springs. The springs are a huge part of the door and the functionality. If the springs are broken, loose or come unattached and everything else still works, the door will NOT open. The spring is what is engaging when the door is opening and closing and without it the entire door is nothing more than another wall. When you use the garage door on a regular basis you want to be sure that it is maintained and taken good care of. When the springs go out or break you need to call a professional to come out and do the repair or replacement.

Quality Garage Door Repair Explains Everything You Need to Know When You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

What Kind Of Spring Do You Have?: The garage door is made of many parts and one of them is the springs. They are not just a standard spring but made particularly for garage doors and there are several different types. When you need to repair or replace your garage door springs you need to know what type of springs you have before you can do anything. When you hire a professional to do they repair they will able to tell you what you have. It can be a torsion spring that uses torque to get the door to raise and lower. They are attached above the garage door and slowly coil around a shaft. This force of the twisting motion will open and close the garage door. You could also have an extension spring. They are attached on both sides of the garage door and they expand and retract when the door is opening and closing. The professional garage door repair company will be able to get the replacement springs for you and install them.
What Garage Door Spring Should Be Replaced?: When you notice that one or more of the springs on your garage door are damaged or broken you need to have them replaced to get the door working. There are many times that a single spring breaks while the other one is still working. The best thing to do in this situation is to replace both of the springs on the door. If one spring has broken it is only a matter of time before the other one is going to give out and you will have to have the repair company out again.
If you want to have your garage door springs replaced or inspected you should call a professional garage door repair company. The door is very large and heavy and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

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