From Carriage House Garage Doors to Modern Motorized Garage Door Designs in Las Vegas, NV

When you walk out to look at a house there are some things that you expect to see. Each home will usually have some windows around the outside, entry doors and of course a garage. The garage door is placed in front of the garage as a way to make this space more accessible. The garage is and has always has been built with the expectation that outdoor or storage like items will be placed there. That is why the garage is outfitted with its own door to let a person access it without going through the home. The main item that the garage was built for is to park or leave a vehicle inside. This is a great way to protect your vehicle that most people pay a good amount of money for. The rest of the garage is a great area to keep and protect your storable items. The door to the garage is a huge part of the appeal and design of the house which is why they have evolved just as much as the houses that are being built have.

Quality Garage Door Repair Company Outlines How Garage Doors Have Changed Over Time

Carriage House Garage Doors: The first type of garage was used to house a carriage that was the way of transportation for people. The carriage was to be stored in a secure place and that was what started the building of garages. The space was created so that the carriage could be pulled directly in and that is why there was a garage door. The door that was used on this carriage was more of a barn door look. The barn door was on hinges and could swing out to open a large space to accommodate the carriage. The look of a barn style door is a great look and even has some influence on some of the doors that are used today.
Manual Garage Door: The garage doors that are in homes now have gone through some major changes as well. Home were built with a garage in mind and that meant that the door needed to accommodate a larger space to fit your car. The garage doors that were used were usually a large one panel door that lifted up on a set of hinges. The hinges were designed so that you could lift the door from the bottom with little effort. Then it would stay open until you choose to pull it back down. The weight on the door was placed so that it would not just come tumbling down. That also meant that you had to manually lift the door and that was hard for some people.
Modern Motorized Garage Door: Now we all enjoy the kind of garage that makes things much easier. They have panels that allow them to roll up and down without taking too much space up. They also are outfitted with a motor so that you can open and close the door with a click of a button. This convenience is something that we all love to enjoy. The door that you choose can have all sorts of different looks and materials. Some people choose wood while others choose aluminum. You can also have different colors and adornments to make the design match the rest of the home.

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