How Do Garage Door Sensors Work in Las Vegas, NV? Call a Professional to Test, Align, Replace & More

Your garage door is a moving and working part that might seem simple in the way that it works but there are lots of parts that have to work together. It is a part of the home that gets ignored until something goes wrong and it is not working anymore. You want to make sure you care for your garage door and you have it tuned up and inspected regularly. When there is a problem with the door it can be a very obvious sign such as the door just will not move or it can be smaller where you are hearing a new sound that is not common to your garage door. There are a few parts to the garage door that are very intricate and need to be in perfect working order. If they are not they will prevent the door from working at all. One of the areas of concern are the photo eye sensors. Quality Garage Door Repair of North Las Vegas outlines what can cause your photo eye sensor to stop working.

What is a Garage Door Photo Eye Sensor?

The garage door has had lots of advancements through the time that they have been used. They went from a door that has to manually be moved to a door that has a motor. After some time the door had caused damage and injury as it moved and that is where the photo eye sensor came from. The photo eye sensor is attached on each side of the garage door at the front of the opening. The sensor is on the channels and they will stop the door from closing if there is anything in the path. It is an addition to the door that adds to the safety of the door and the people that are around it. If there is a child in the path of the door it will go back up rather than close on person and cause injury or even death.

Blocked Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors

Your garage is a place you use to park your car as well as store things you don’t need on a consistent basis. The sensor has to be able to have a clear path that is not being blocked at all. It can become blocked with boxes and other debris that is in your garage. You want to make sure that you do not set anything in the path of the sensors.
They Are Not Balanced: The sensors only work when they are in place properly. The sensor is placed on each side of the garage door and need to be in line with each other. The problem is that sensor is about 18 inches off the ground and that is why they can be bumped out of place. If someone bumps into one or hits it with a box or other item it can cause it to out of balance. They need to be inspected and repaired.

Damaged Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors

Garage door photo eye sensors are also not going to last forever and that means that they can start to go out and will need to be replaced. If they are balanced and nothing is blocking the path you may need to have new ones installed. This is something that can be done by a professional that can test and replace them.

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