How Garage Door Keypads Work & Why You Should Have One in Silverado Ranch, NV

The garage door opener was invented in 1926 by C.G. Johnson. This motorized method opened the garage door with the press of a button. The garage door opener you use today is controlled by a switch on the wall, a remote in your vehicle of a keypad that is attached on the outside of the garage. Opening the garage door is made easy with a keypad and because the garage door is the largest moving part in your home it can save your back! You can access your garage with keyless entry systems, this is where the keypad comes in.

Garage Door Keypads

The keypad is functions with a dual-frequency radio and will open and close after a four-digit pin has been entered. You will not have to use a key to operate your garage door and if you lock yourself out of the house you can still get into the garage or if you need. You can rest easy that the only people that can access your garage are those that know the pin. If you still want to have a garage door opener with you and your keypad didn’t include one you can simply buy a universal remote. Just make sure the keypad you buy works with your garage door opener because some older garage door openers may not work with certain keypads.

How Does a Garage Door Keypad Work?

The keypad needs to be mounted at least five feet above the ground and don’t let children play with the keypad. They shouldn’t play with the remote either and for safety purposes, watch your door open and close completely each time. Technology has made garage door openers and keypads more reliable than they used to be. An encoded signal sent to the garage door opener is all that’s needed to open the door. Newer models also have battery backup and surge protectors can guard against spikes in voltage.

Reasons a Keypad is a Good Idea for Your Home

Rolling codes are a feature with today’s keypads. Rolling codes prevent hackers from figuring out your pin and getting into your garage. Some keypads use fingerprint technology to open the door if you’d rather not deal with a pin. No other person can open the garage door once your fingerprint has been stored in the device’s memory. Garage doors that were manufactures after 1993 require reversing safety mechanisms. This is imperative as this will stop and reverse a closing door if anything gets in the way. Eventually wireless keypads will be a necessity more than a luxury. Parents who work and have children at school don’t need to hand keys out to everyone. In fact, 44% of parents that have school-aged children find having a keypad is easier, more convenient and safer. For more security, install a lighted keypad. If you lose your remote you can still get in and 60% of people surveyed, said they used a keypad to get into their home after getting locked out.

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