How to Change Code of Garage Door Keypad & Reprogram Clicker in Henderson, NV

The garage is a place that you use to store items and park your car. It is secured by a large rolling garage door that is usually suspended on tracks. The door can be opened with a motor that is activated in several different ways. The first is a button that is on the wall inside the garage. When you push the button it will engage the motor and the door will roll up. You can also access the garage by an outdoor keypad panel. This panel has a set of numbers that you type in a code and the door will open. Lastly and probably the most used is the clicker that is a remote that is kept in your car. They have a clip that allows the remote to stay attached to the visor. The problem is that the code that your motor is set to may need to be changed.

Quality Garage Door Repair Explains Why You Might Change the Garage Code & How To Do It

Why Do You Need To Change Your Garage Code: One of the most common reasons that someone chooses to change out the garage door code is when they lose a remote or it gets stolen. The remote can be stolen and the thief can come back and open your garage to gain access to your belongings. Another reason is when you give a remote to a boyfriend and then break up and they refuse to give it back. Another problem is that your garage is also coded the same as your neighbor. It does happen and when you click your remote or they click theirs both doors will open. These are all reasons that updating the code and resetting is a great idea.
Erase Garage Door Opener Code by Clearing the Memory: To get access to the area that you need to you will have to secure a ladder. The button that you need to get to is located on the motor that is usually hanging on the ceiling of the garage. The motor should be easy to see but tall enough that you can’t reach it. Once you have a ladder in place you need to find the button that is labeled learn. You will press and hold the button down unit the small LED light turns off. This means the unit has been cleared and the remotes will not work.
Reset & Reprogram the Garage Door Code: For this part you need to have access to the same button on the motor. You also need to get the remotes that you want to use to open and close the garage door. You can do multiple remotes using this same method. Press the same learn button that you did when you cleared the code. Then press the button on your remote that you want to use to activate the door. You can do the same with your keypad but you will need to input a new four digit code.

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