Buying a New Residential Garage Door for Your Home in Henderson, NV; Pros & Cons of Materials & More

Garage doors are the largest moving part of your home and take up a lot of the front of your residence. To make sure your home looks nice you need to make sure your garage door looks good too. If it’s time to replace your garage door then you should look at garage doors that will increase the appearance of your home, are efficient, durable and will work well with little maintenance. If you don’t know anything about garage doors, this task will be a difficulty one and an overwhelming one.

What to Consider When Buying a New Residential Garage Door for Your Home

1. Pros & Cons of Garage Door Materials. Garage doors are made up of three different material. Metal (steel or aluminum), wood and vinyl. The most popular garage doors on the market are metal ones. Steel doors cost the least and come in many different colors and are also lightweight. Steel and aluminum doors are insulated and involve little maintenance. They also come in many styles, from modern, contemporary, classic, ranch, carriage house, ribbed, mixed panel and flush styles. Traditional garage doors are made of wood. It’s both beautiful and versatile and can be painted and stained with any color and finish you want. The price ranges from low to high and need more maintenance than metal doors. Vinyl and fiberglass doors need zero maintenance and are scratch-resistant. They are the priciest of garage doors but will cost lower in the long-term and can look like wood too.
2. When to Buy a New Garage Door. The most common reason to get a new garage door is because the old one doesn’t work properly anymore and might be dangerous. It’s important to replace your door if you feel it’s unsafe. The accident rate for garage doors is higher than you might think. Getting a new garage door will boost your homes curb appeal and you can get rid of the maintenance that comes with older doors.
3. Where to Buy a Garage Door. There are lots of options from the big box stores to smaller companies. Always make sure you purchase a new garage door from professionals. We are experienced in the installation of residential garage doors and know all the different options available.
4. Choose a Licensed Professional Garage Door Company. Make sure the garage door company you hire are willing to provide you with referrals and testimonials. Make sure the company is insured correctly and will give you a written warranty for the material and the labor. Make sure the company you hire trains its technicians and keeps them up to date on all the latest updates. This will prevent any garage door related accidents and will keep your family safe.

Garage Door Installation in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Chances are you won’t need to buy more than one new garage door in your lifetime, but make sure you do a little research before you set out to purchase one. The performance of your garage door and the durability will all depend on the quality of the installation. You can contact the professionals at Quality Garage Door Repair when it’s time to replace your garage door. Give us a call today to answer any questions.

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