Common Garage Door Problems & How to Fix in Las Vegas, NV; Sticks, Shakes & Jerks, Extra Noisy, Falls Rather Than Lowers & More

A properly functioning garage door is relatively important to any homeowner. However there are many types of common problems that garage doors encounter during its usage. There are many ways a garage door can malfunction or require repairs. Quality Garage Door Repair will list the top five most common problems that a garage door encounters.

Common Garage Door Problems & How to Fix

1. Garage Door Sticks Going Up
There are several reasons as to why a garage door may seem a bit sticky when opening and closing. Some of the simpler reasons why it might be sticky are due to dying batteries, or the sensor of the garage door may be blocked. Another reason that could cause the door to be a bit sticky is an obstruction in the tracks. Even colder weather conditions can cause the rollers to become stiff. In the event it is the rollers having issues, you can simply lubricate the track. Another reason could also be the springs are weaker on one side, leaving the garage door lop sided.
2. Garage Door Shakes & Jerks When Opening & Closing
Similar to the garage door being sticky, you might find your garage door shimmies side to side. In most cases this is a simple fix. More often than not, there is an obstruction in the way of the rollers on the tracks. This could be something as small as dirt or rust. Clear away any obstruction found on the track. Another cause of the side-to-side shimmy could also be bad springs or a faulty garage door opener.
3. Extra Noisy Garage Door
There are many instances where the garage door makes a horrendous sound when opening and closing. Once again, loud sounds can be due to a few different reasons. Loud noises are often due to the tracks needing lubrication. The rollers often have a difficult time opening and closing if the track is dry. In most cases simply lubricating them is all that is needed. However you may need to lube all moving parts.
4. Garage Door Falls Rather than Lowers
Sometimes a garage door will seem like it’s falling down rather then closing slowly and under control. This can become a serious issue as many injuries are caused from this problem. In most cases this problem is due to either broken cables or loosened springs. If you have encountered this issue with your garage door, call a service company quickly and refrain from using your garage door until it is repaired to avoid any serious injuries.
5. Garage Door Remote Not Working
In many cases the batteries of the garage door openers remote control has died. Simply replace the batteries and that should be all that is necessary. However there could be an obstruction in the way — either on the track or the belt, where the door won’t open when activated. Another issue could be with the sensor. It may be blocked as well.

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Quality Garage Door Repair has encountered many problems concerning the operation of a garage door. These are the top five problems most frequently encountered. In many cases, there are simple fixes. However working on a garage door can prove dangerous and should always be left to the professionals. If you are encountering any one of these issues, contact Quality Garage Door Repair today and we will be there to repair or replace your garage door system.

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