Inspections & Maintainance of Residential Garage Door Springs in Summerlin, NV to Prolong Life & Prevent Imbalance & Rust

One of the various components of your garage door system is the springs. Over time and the frequent usage of your garage door, often the springs become worn out and are in need of replacement. However, there are many forms of spring failure and not all are easily identified as spring failures. This is why Quality Garage Door Repair would like to share the different ways worn out springs cause different malfunctions with your garage door’s operating systems. This will better help our customers identify if their garage door springs are in need of replacement.

How Long Should Garage Door Springs Last with Normal Use

Most springs are able to last through 10,000 cycles. A cycle is being referred to as each time your garage door opens and closes. So if you really think about it, most garage doors run through a cycle about twice a day, if not more. With the twice a day usage, this means your garage door springs are only good for about 13 years or less if used more often. That is why it is recommended that you replace your garage door springs about every 10 years to maintain proper function of your garage doors. This will also help you avoid accidents that could cause injury or more expensive repairs to your garage door’s operating systems.

Preventing Garage Door Spring Rust with Lubrication

Another major problem for springs beside over usage is rust. Often rust can ruin springs even before the end of their designated usage. As rust begins to corrode them, it doesn’t just weaken the spring but it also creates friction that can cause the garage door to shimmy during use. It is recommended to lubricate your springs yearly, if not more often, to battle rust and maintain clean and strong springs. However, if the rust has begun to corrode them, then simple cleaning of the rust may not be an option. You will need to replace your springs.

Garage Door Springs Balance

Another issue caused by poor springs is imbalance problems. If you notice one side of the garage door sagging or seeming to move slower than the other side, it could be a problem with the springs. Imbalanced garage doors are usually due to damaged or worn out springs. Take this as a warning sign that you need to replace your springs. Accidents have occurred when the springs gave out and the garage door flew down on vehicles or even people.

Garage Door Inspections to Detect Problems with Spring

Springs will eventually fail either through usage or rust and other damages. Springs are mostly prone to failure during winter or extreme temperature changes and the metal expanded and contracted too quickly. It helps to extend the life or usage of your garage door springs by regularly lubricating them or by having your garage door system inspected professionally every few years. The springs are a vital component of your garage door’s operating system. Once they begin to show signs or wear or damage, you should inspect them and replace them before other more major repairs are needed.

Residential Garage Door Springs Service & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Quality Garage Door Repair can help maintain your garage doors and perform any repairs or replacements of your entire garage door system. Remember, each component plays an important role in your garage door’s operating system and needs to be maintained. It is wise to use lubricating spray for your springs and other moving parts to help improve and extend the life of your garage door. For all of your garage door needs, contact Quality Garage Door Repair today.

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