Busting Garage Door Myths in North Las Vegas, NV; If a Part is Malfunctioning it You Don’t Need a Replacement & More

Myths are found everywhere, from industries to folk lore; they generally are accepted as facts by someone who was confident their resources were valid. When it comes to garage doors, myths can be exceptionally detrimental to the preservation, performance, and overall condition of the garage door as well as the safety of others and property. Well today, we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to set the record straight on some of the myths that are floating around concerning garage doors in an effort to protect our customers.

Busting Garage Door Myths

Myth: Garage doors are incapable of being an attractive accessory for homes.
Fact: Generic garage doors that are hastily installed and selected for their low cost, basic features, and practical use are definitely viewed as nothing special. But with modern technology and creativity, garage doors can be found in diverse styles and colors, as well as the ability of being custom made to enhance the home’s aesthetics.
Myth: Garage doors do not pose a danger.
Fact: Considering that garage doors are the largest mechanical system in your home, no doubt the engineers took the time to equip them with safety features to avoid injury or damage. However, it is still mechanical in nature and whether due to mechanical failure, or human error, they still have the potential to malfunction. As a general rule, teach children to respect the garage door to avoid serious damage or injury and lead by example.
Myth: Garage doors are one in the same.
Fact: Since man created garages, the doors have come quite a long way through the course of evolution. As previously mentioned, there are many styles, types, materials, colors, and functionality along with many different openers that operate them, features and so much more that separate garage doors from one another. Though garage doors are similar in plenty of ways, they still have many differences.
Myth: Garage doors are naturally loud as they function.
Fact: In most cases, machinery, including garage doors, does makes noise. With the improvements on motor functions, modern garage doors are having quieter operation. If your garage door is making abnormally loud or different sounds, do not take this symptom lightly, it could be a sign of the garage door needing repairs. Contact a professional to perform a garage door inspection to find out the underlining problem.
Myth: Garage door “DIY” repairs can be performed by anyone to help save time and money.
Fact: There are a few selected simple maintenance tasks that can be done by homeowners, however, many garage door repairs requires a skilled technician that possess special training, armed with specifically designed tools to properly make need repairs. Additionally, many of the repairs can lead to serious critical injuries or severe damage to personal property with the wrong move. It is in your best interest to contact a professional if your garage door is in need of repairs.
Myth: If the garage door is malfunctioning, the whole system will need to be replaced.
Fact: Garage doors can be repaired in most cases, especially if your garage door has been well maintained and used with care. Once the garage door has reached its potential lifespan and excessive repairs are needed, it is worth the investment to replace your garage door. A certified specialist can help you determine if the garage door is worth repairing.
Myth: Garage doors and garage door openers have interchangeable parts.
Fact: Garage doors and openers are designed similarly, but are made in specific ways and most manufacturers require specific parts and components to particular their individual models.
Myth: Insulated garage doors that are expensive is a poor investment.
Fact: There is an old saying that states “you get what you pay for”. Garage doors that are more pricy are generally made with more durability. As far as insulated garage doors being a poor investment, that is not at all the case. Insulated garage doors can reduce the energy lost through standard garage doors by up to 71% and insulate garage doors are just as affordable as standard doors. Often the higher cost of insulated doors is derived from insulated windows.

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