Common Issues in Residential Garage Doors in Henderson, NV; Squeaks Loudly, Jerks, Sticks, Opens Then Falls & More

Garage doors are one of largest moving components on any home, but day after day and use after use, they will deteriorate and need repair. With routine maintenance and professional care, you can minimize the need for repairs, but with so much abuse you can expect the need to do repairs from time to time. Today, we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to share some common issues your residential garage door will experience.

Garage Door Squeaks Loudly or Makes Other Loud Noises

The loud screeching, grinding or squealing noises you hear coming from the garage door during operation in most cases is because of the dirt or debris in the track or lack of lubrication. Do not use harsh cleaners to remove dirt, but thoroughly clean the length of the tracks where the door wheels run, and ensure the tracks are clean. Use a lubricant approved for the design for garage doors to ensure the hardware is well lubricated. Test the garage door but opening and closing it 2 or 3 times. If the sounds persist, contact Quality Garage Door Repair.

Garage Door Opens Then Falls

An extreme safety hazard; a falling garage door can potentially harm people or property in repairing or even inspecting faulty cables or springs can cause serious harm, and should only be maintained by a professional who has been trained. If you believe the cables or spring are causing the problem, it is not advisable to repair them yourself.

Garage Doors that Stick Open or Shut

Several things can be what are making your garage doors stick. For starters, check the remote garage door opener; check batteries, sensors and switches. Check for obstructions in the wheel track first on manual garage doors and lubricant adequacy; lube deteriorates under different weather conditions and temperatures, so ensure it is sufficient. One of the major causes of stuck garage doors is that they are hung unevenly; cables and springs need to be of even length to avoid the springs from side to side.

Garage Door Jerks When Opening or Closing

Debris is most likely the cause reason to the garage door is shimmying as the garage door opens and close, simply by removing any obstructions or debris from the tracks should resolve the issue. Clean tracks are necessary, and are often to blame for many issues, routinely wipe them down. If the tracks are clean, check the quality of the springs; they should be the same length and stretch the same amount. The motors for automatic doors that control both sides of the door may be faulty, worst case scenario is the springs will need to be replaced by a professional.

Garage Door Remote Control Not Working

As mentioned earlier, the batteries are usually the fix. Check the batteries and switches first to make sure the device is powered up, if the problem persists the garage door still might have problems opening or closing correctly. Check the cables and clearing the tracks; the garage opener motor or sensors will likely need replacing a professional can determine the problem and present a solution.

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