How to Clean Grime, Scuff Marks & Dirt from Your Garage Door Panels, Hardware & Tracks in Las Vegas, NV

The garage door is actually a huge part of the look of your home. It is prominent at the front of most homes and can either increase or decrease the value of your home. One of the ways that it can increase is if you have a door that has been upgraded or is in great shape. If you have a door that is dirty, broken and out of date you can be causing the value of your home to decrease. Just having a door that is dirty can be a real eyesore and can cause a terrible curb appeal. It can seem like a hard task to get the door clean without replacing the door with a brand new one.

Quality Garage Door Repair Explains How to Clean Grime, Scuff Marks & Dirt from Your Garage Door

How to Clean Dirt from Garage Door & Tracks: In Las Vegas there seems to be a lot of wind and dust. The dirt can easily stick to the garage and can start to make the door look dirty and messy. The best way to take off the dirt is to set a schedule to hose off the garage door once a week. The hose water is enough to wash away a lot of the dirt and dust that can be on the garage door. If you see scuff marks on the garage door you can use a washcloth and some warm water and a light detergent. You want to stay away from harsh chemical cleaners because it can start to strip the paint in the door. Use light circular motions when you are working on a small scuff mark.
Hard To Remove Scuff Marks from Garage Door: There are some scuff marks on the garage door that if you use your gentle cleaner and warm water they are not going to come off. If you wash too hard you will remove the seal or paint that is in the door. The next step is actually to use a touch up paint option to cover the marks instead of removing them. You need to be sure that you use the right touch up paint that matches the color of the current paint. You may also need to use a primer if the marks are too dark. Be sure that you use a paintbrush and allow the paint to dry fully. The type of the door that you have will determine the type of paint that you should use. You may have a vinyl, wood or metal door which each have a particular type of paint.
Polish the Garage Door Hardware: Most residential garage doors roll up and down which means they are paneled. These panels are held together with hinges and can be seen from the outside. There can be hardware that is part of the working garage door or just added for d├ęcor. You want to take time to polish and clean these pieces of hardware with an appropriate cleaner.

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