How to Insulate a Garage Door in Summerlin, NV; Quality Materials Needed, Measure for Each Panel & More

If you insulate your garage door you will have it cooler in the summer months. The best reason to do it is the fact we live in the hot Las Vegas desert and spend time in our garages! From woodworking, playing around with the car or using it as a home gym. Insulated garage doors are just more comfortable when you do spend time in the garage. If you want to circulate air inside a space you can open a window or turn on a fan. This will help, but will do nothing about preventing the heat from finding its way inside and the room will still be uncomfortable. Another benefit to insulating your garage door is when you create a more comfortable garage that is attached to the house it will help make the room on the side of the garage more comfortable too.

How to Insulate a Garage Door

Insulation Materials. Get all the materials you will need for the job. You will need sheets of foil-faced foam board. There are different brands to choose from. You will also need a knife to cut the foam board and a measuring tape. Most two car garages require four sheets with one sheet measuring 8’ by 4’.
Measure & Cut Insulation. Measure and cut everything you need. You’ll need to measure the size of each frame in the door and you will need to add an inch to shorter dimensions and then cut the foam board into rectangles. You want the panels to sit in a curved, convex way. This is the reason you need to add an inch to the height of each panel so they are slightly larger and will fit this way. If you don’t have them fit this way, you will not get the gap needed for the foil to work as a radiant barrier and you’ll just waste your time. You can put the panels in flush to the garage door but it’s not nearly as effective as creating the air gap. The air gap is done mostly to reduce the heat the garage will gain in the summer. The foil side needs to face the garage door and the small air space created from the convex shape. Place the top end of the panel in first and then pop the bottom end in. When you look at the panels from the side you should be able to clearly see the outward curve of the panels.
Measure Insulation for Each Garage Door Panel. Always measure each panel separately. Don’t assume that each panel will be the same size. This will save money if you’ve cut a piece incorrectly. After you have placed all the panels into the garage door you will have a radiant barrier inside. This will slow down the small amount of heat that will get past the foil.

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There are kits you can purchase to get the job done. Studies show that an energy-efficient R-18 foam board installed can make your garage about 25 degrees cooler in the summer. The next time you need to replace your garage door, consider doing it with an insulated door instead of insulating the existing one. Metal doors conduct heat easily, so choose a garage door that is already insulated. It will be well worth it because cooling costs are always more in the summer. Contact Quality Garage Door Repair to have an insulated door installed so you can spend more time in your garage.

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