Most Common Cause of Garage Fires in Summerlin, NV; Smoke Detector, Fire Extinguisher & Prevention Tips

In the years of 2009 – 2011 FEMA reported about 6,600 residential homes caught fire that originated inside the garage. From the fires that originated from garages, there were 30 deaths, 400 injuries and nearly 500 million dollars in property damages. Nothing can be scarier than waking up in the middle of the night with your family inside and see your home in flames. Losing your home and every memory it held can be devastating, but that isn’t nearly as devastating as losing a loved one. That is why Quality Garage Door Repair wants to share a few basic tips to prevent fire from starting within the garage. From the prospective of a garage door service company, Quality Garage doors will list some of the highest fire risks and tips on how to prevent a fire setting ablaze.

Garage Storage Safety

Often our garages become the main area to store old items that aren’t being used inside the home. Of course the garage is also the handy man’s domain and where they store all their power tools and workshop equipment. You might be surprised to learn how many of these things can cause fires. It is wise to store home items that are not being used, on the other side of the tools and equipment. It is a common perspective that the man owns the entire garage. Ladies, this is not true. However, your home storage area needs to be away from the handyman’s stuff. Place his things on one side of the garage and your home décor or other storage items on the other side. Combustibles, liquids such as gasoline, wood finishes, cleaners and chemical solvents or spray paints should be stored in a metal cabinet that is sealed shut. Additionally, this cabinet should not be stored in sunlight or areas that get hot inside the garage. Never use a cooking grill or other such appliance in the garage either.

Use Safe Practices in Garage

This is a shout out to the handyman: When working in the garage, dispose of rags used for clean up that may contain flammable liquids. Keep them in a steel bucket or trash can. If you want to reuse the rags, wash them out after each use and place them to dry in a cooler area. If you’re a wood worker, clean up all sawdust on the bench and floor, sawdust is very fine and catches fire every easily.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher & Install a Smoke Detector in Garage

It is also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher inside the garage and don’t let them expire. It is also good to have a smoke detector in the garage. Some older homes may not have one. Therefore you may want to install one if this is the case. It is always best to inspect your garage’s electrical items to make sure they are in a good and proper state. Most garage fires are caused by poor wiring or poor conditions of the wiring within the garage. Check your outlets, lighting, and your garage door opening system for any exposed, cut, or damaged wiring.

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Quality Garage Door Repair want every home to be safe and especially when garage where fires originate so frequently. Keep in mind these few tips to keep your home and family safe from fires. The principles of these fire prevention tips can be applied throughout your entire home. Be safe and for all your garage door repair and replacement needs, Quality Garage Door Repair can help. Contact us today.

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