Garage Door Parts in Las Vegas, NV; Panels, Cables, Pulleys, Rollers, Springs, Tracks, Hinges, Brackets, Sensors, Opener & More

The garage door is the largest moving addition to any home. Most people know there is a garage door and a handy little remote button often kept in their vehicles that opens and closes the garage door, but little else. When your garage door experiences any difficulty, most folks don’t even know the offending part. The average garage door has 26 primary components that work together to make your garage door open and close. With so many parts, it is hard to determine which one is giving you grief. Understanding the basics can help you pinpoint the origin of the issue at hand. With professional inspection, tune-ups, and maintenance services, your garage door can operate smoothly and efficiently. Keeping that in mind, we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to share the basic components with you along their primary function to help you be better acquainted with your residential garage door.

Garage Door Parts

1. Bearing Plates
2. Cables
3. Pulley and Sheaves
4. Locks and Handles
5. Rollers
6. Garage Door Rail Components
7. Garage Door Opener
8. Extension Springs
9. Emergency Release Rope
10. Support Brackets
11. Weather Stripping
12. Bottom Fixtures
13. Graduated Hinges
14. Top Fixtures
15. Quick Disconnect Arms
16. Garage Door Torsion Springs
17. Torsion Spring Shafts
18. Angle Iron Brackets
19. Panels
20. Window
21. Flag Brackets
22. Vertical Tracks
23. Track Brackets
24. Sensors
25. Garage Door Remotes
26. Garage Door Key Pads

Garage Door Inspection, Tune Up & Maintenance Services

All of these parts work in harmony every time your garage door opens and closes. The more often that your garage door opens and closes, the sooner you can expect many of these parts to experience common wear and tear. All these parts can be repaired or replaced if they fall out of sync. Professionals, from Quality Garage Door Repair for example, will methodically look over all of these components, as well as the safety features in place to ensure they are all operating at peak performance and are in optimal condition during maintenance, tune-ups, and inspection services.

DIY VS Professional Garage Door Repairs

These basic parts construct the garage door itself with the windows, panels, locks, and handles. The various hardware for your garage door is in place to perform the opening and closes, keeping the garage door balanced and in alignment during operation, as well as provide safety protocols. There are a few components that can be safely replaced with your basic do it yourself project, but the majority of these parts require specialized training and tools for safe and efficient replacement or repairs. It is strongly recommended that you avoid injury and property damage by hiring a professional to perform the necessary repairs and replacements when the occasion arises.

Garage Door Inspections, Tune Ups, Maintenance, Installation, Replacement & Emergency Repairs in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your garage door is in need of repairs or replacements in the Greater Las Vegas, NV area, contact Quality Garage Door Repair as soon as possible. Our many services can keep your garage door in prime condition and operating at peak performance. Our technicians have the necessary training, experience, and skills to ensure your garage door is in premium condition. Call us today to learn more!

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