History of Garage Door Types. Old Style Swinging & Sliding Barn Are Not Practical in Henderson, NV but Swing Up & Roll Up Are!

What happened to the old-style swinging or sliding barn style garage doors? Well they just are not practical in our urban Las Vegas Valley environment. Swinging doors, operating like a pair of large double French doors, need room to swing. Most modern driveways are very short in the typical urban setting. If you pull into the driveway you would block the doors from swinging open. A fact of modern urban living is that few of us actually use a garage for storing our vehicles. Typically they are used as shops or storage. In most of our current recently built urban development’s a swinging garage door is not viable. On to sliders, most of which utilize an overhead track. The tracks by necessity extend at least half the distance of the opening in a two door system. Quite frankly given the diminutive areas to either side of typical garage door, these tracks would have to extend beyond the garage wall. Not practical or aesthetically pleasing in the least.

Swing Up & Roll Up Garage Doors

So we have two options, swing up and roll up garage doors. With remote garage door openers these can be opened without interference with the car just short of touching. That is for those who use the garage for its intended purpose, vehicle storage. Those hobbyists that use their garages as shops can utilize the full area with no vehicular interference. The only downside to roll up and swing up doors is that when open, they cover the ceiling. This denies light fixture installation in the center and most desirable area of the garage. Roller and swing doors also restrict ceiling storage to the peripheral areas.

Garage Door Accessories & Upgrades

With remote control, these overhead type doors represent an operational, if not ideal solution to securing the garage opening to the outside. However there exist some work-around solutions to alleviate the problems. Mounting ceiling flush light fixtures will provide needed illumination when the door is closed. In turn you can mount lighting to the back of the door to provide light when the door is open. As far as storage, this is best regulated to the sides and back, away from the door. It is not advisable to “hang” stuff from the door itself. Swing open doors that utilize springs and levers to compensate for their weight are still encountered in older home construction, but have fallen into disfavor with home builders.

Garage Door Preventive Maintenance

All roll up and swing up doors require lubrication and inspection for wear and tear. Excessive wear can be dangerous leading to door failure. Some of the older swing up doors have failed to the point of falling creating a dangerous situation for the elderly and children. Most of the modern doors are covered with thin gauge metal sheeting. This thin metal is vulnerable to denting and distortions affecting their appearance. Garage doors are usually in front of the house facing the street, any blemish or damage is readily visible and affects the curb appeal of the home.

Garage Door Repair Services & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

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