Troubleshooting Universal Garage Door Keypad Remotes in North, Las Vegas NV; Battery, PIN, Mounting, Lockout & More

Nothing is more frustrating than coming home at the end of a long day and being locked out because the remote for your garage isn’t working. What if the garage is the only way into the house?

Reasons Your Garage Door Keyless Entry Remote Is Not Working

What if the wall button works but the wireless entry doesn’t? Your garage door opener has an integrated receiver logic board that communicates with the keyless entry wirelessly. The button that is mounted to the wall inside your garage is hard-wired. They both work independently, so it’s common that one will work while the other doesn’t. If you replace the battery and you still have problems, it might be an issue with the keyless entry or the keyless entry receiver logic board. If it’s not working or you’re having problems programming it could be the depleted battery. It may need to be reprogrammed or there’s an issue with a button on the keypad. There might also be a temporary PIN that has expired. This happens when the door closes but won’t open with the keyless entry. There might also be some interference with the surface that the keyless entry is mounted to or the lockout feature has been activated.

Steps to Take in Garage Door Keyless Entry Remote Problem Solving Process

1. Depleted battery. Just change the battery with a new one. Most of the time it’s a 9-volt battery but older doors will sometimes have a 12-volt battery. This is a good time to change the battery in the keypad too.
2. Reprogramming might be needed. After you’ve changed the battery, you can try reprograming the keyless entry. If you’ve taken the steps to reprogram it and it doesn’t fix the problem, you can clear the memory in the opener and try again. You will also need to reprogram all the remotes that are linked to the opener.
3. Issues with a button on the keypad. With keyless entry, it’s possible that a button might not be working on the keypad. Try picking a completely different PIN. If this fixes the problem, then the old PIN might have stopped functioning. You will need to stick with the different PIN or get a new keyless.
4. Temporary PIN may have expired. If you’ve used a temporary PIN, it will not work after it has expired to open the door but will work to close the door. Clear the memory and program the keyless entry.
5. Interference with the surface the keyless entry is mounted to. The signal might have problems getting through if the surface its mounted to isn’t ideal. Remove the keyless entry and if it works, put some rubber grommets between the mounting surface and the keyless entry. Another option is mounting the keyless entry to a small piece of wood.
6. You can also check if the panel has a lockout button. If this button is pressed, it will lock out any remotes that are connected to the opener. If the light on this button is flashing, this is the problem. Simply press the button to disengage this feature.

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