Best Garage Door Opener Features of 2016; Automation Design, Motion Sensor Safety, Security, Hardware & More

If you are like most home or business owners you probably don’t give your garage door opener a second thought, at least not until it starts giving you problems or stops working entirely. Garage doors openers are a convenience that we take for granted but it wasn’t until the middle of the 1980’s that garage doors became an everyday part of American home life. In fact over the year’s garage door openers have improved drastically in design, safety and noise reduction. Today, garage door openers can be found with a variety of features that suit every need and price point. Door openers vary greatly in terms of power and efficiency but they all perform one function and that is letting you come and go at the push of a button.

Top Garage Door Opener Features for 2016

The criterion to rank the top garage door openers for the year includes:
Garage Door Opener Design: Wireless garage door openers need to have the power to lift the heaviest of doors. While 1/2-horsepower motors are the best option for standard aluminum sectional doors, the 3/4-horsepower opener motors are capable of lifting wooden doors that weigh up to 550lbs. Each type of opener works with a standard 7-foot door however extension kits can be purchased if your door is taller than 7-feet. Quality garage door openers are forward-facing and can be programed to blend in with your homes automation system. Features include a timer-to-close option that can be programmed to automatically close the door behind you. The best product lines also offer a back-up power source so you never have to worry about being locked out should your property experience any type of power failure. Most openers operate with either a chain or belt drive lift system. The belt drive is considered the quieter or the two and works perfectly if you have a bedroom or living space located close to the garage area
Garage Door Security & Safety: Safety features are extremely important when you consider that many of the garage doors installed in homes and businesses are heavy enough to cause serious injury. Not only should the opener have the capability to automatically reverse if an object is blocking its path but it should also be equipped with motion sensors that detect a child or animal moving under the door while the door is in the process of closing. As for security, an invaluable security features is a rolling code which sends a different variation of the code to your opener with each use to prevent criminals gaining access to the information and breaking into your home.
Garage Door Hardware: The best door openers on the market make gaining access to your garage easier than ever with keyless entry. With some garage door openers you also have the option of installing an entry pad outside the garage door to access the garage should you misplace your remote. Electric garage door openers typically have two lights; either front and back or side by side. The lights should provide light for you to get from your car to the inside of your home and vice versa. You can preprogram the light for the time it takes to reach the door.

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