Famous Movies Set in Garages; Batman, Back To The Future, Gone In 60 Seconds & More

One part of your home is the garage and the garage door. This is an area that is used for many purposes. One of the main reasons that your home is outfitted with a garage is to park your vehicle inside. It is out of the weather and the elements where it can be covered and protected. Many people choose to park their car in the garage and that is why the garage is used in more than 70% of homes as the main entrance. The garage also is a place that people choose to use for storage. Those large Christmas boxes, old clothes and weather specific articles are housed. Many homes have shelves and areas that are set up for this type of storage. That does not seem like too much fun or excitement but there are some movies that use the garage as a setting for some great and memorable scenes.

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Batman Begins & Other Batman Movies: One of the most iconic garage moments in all of movie making history is Batman Begins, or really any Batman Movie. If you are thinking back to a moment we will help to refresh your memory. In all the Batman movies Bruce Wayne who is also Batman has a bat cave. This is the garage! It is underground cave that batman can be found coming up with crime fighting ideas and where he houses his cars, boats and other vehicles. The bat cave is a major garage that sadly most homes can’t hold a candle to.
Back To The Future: Now you really can’t discuss garage doors and not mention Back To The Future! This is an 80’s movie that showed us what we might be able to look forward to in life. The reason that this movies needs to be added to the list is the DeLorean! It is the space aged car that Doc was able to create. Doc is the scientist with the wild hair that sends Marty Mcfly back the future! Now the reason that the car even exists is because it was created in the garage. It seems that lots of amazing inventions and creations all started in the safety of the garage.
Gone In 60 Seconds: This movie is not based on a single garage but many! The movie premise is all about a group of car thieves that need to create an order to save one of their own. A list has been created and the group has to do surveillance on them before taking them all in one night. The cars are all in a garage at a home or a garage at a car dealer. The amount of garages in this movie is what has landed it on the list.
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: There is a great scene in the Mission Impossible movie that a huge garage is filmed. The garage shows hundreds of cars stacked high in a circular garage. The garage is a large part of a fight scene that this film franchise is known for.

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