How to Make a Garage Door More Secure from Break in & Burglary in Henderson, NV

The garage is treated as a separate part of your house because it is more like an outdoor space. You keep your lawn equipment, boxes and often your car in the garage. These are all items that are seasonal or otherwise not practical of being kept in your house. Although it seems this area is more of an outdoor space, it is just as much of a part of the house as the rest. The separation from the garage to your home is a simple door. If you think about it the garage is covered by a large door that opens and closes by the click of a button. That is why it is so important to secure the area just as good as you do the rest of your home. The issue is that you may need to specialize your tactics to work for a garage and garage door.

Quality Garage Door Repair Lists Ways to Secure Your Garage & Garage Door

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Opener in the Car: If you are like many people that choose to park your car outside you might be susceptible for a break in. You might be wondering how parking in your driveway is a bad thing. Actually parking there isn’t but what you leave in the car is! It is so convenient to put the garage door clicker on the visor and leave it there. The problem is that if a home intruder sees the clicker they can be tempted to open the door and in a simple click have access to your garage and your house. Be sure that you take your clicker in with you and put it where you have your keys.
Lock the Inside Door that Leads to the Garage: It can seem to easy when you are locking up for the night to check the front door, back door and head off to bed. The problem is that you have missed the third entrance to your home. The door that leads from the garage to your house exposed. If someone were to gain access to the actual garage and you don’t lock that particular door they now have easy access to your home as well. Be sure that you add this door to your lockdown routine to ensure that your home is safe.
Install a Timer to Lock the Garage Door: We have all been in a hurry where you run out the door late to get the kids to school or headed off to bed and forgot to close the garage door. You may not even realize that you forgot until you come back home which can be hours later or when you wake up. There is a way to stop this from being a problem. You can have a timer that is installed on your garage door that you set to close the door if it is open at a certain time of the day or night. If you know by ten at night you want the door shut set the timer. No more laying in bed wondering if you forgot!

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