Garage Door Side Seal & Bottom Weather Stripping Types in North Las Vegas, NV

When you inspect the doors to your home and your windows, you will often ensure the weather stripping is intact. That is because you know that if the stripping is damaged or broken in any way the air that you paying to cool or heat can easily escape. That also leads to an increase in your energy bill and the fact that you are not being energy efficient. The weather stripping is just as important as the door or window and needs to be cared for and replaced when necessary. The same goes for your garage door. The weather stripping is just as important if not more so. The door is a large opening that can be the cause of some serious insulation or a huge energy waste. The weather stripping should never be overlooked and the right product should be used. You want to know what your options are and what is commonly used.

Quality Garage Door Repair Lists Weather Stripping Options That Can Be Used On Your Garage Door

Garage Door Bottom & Side Seal Weather Stripping: If you have a standard garage door you most likely have a common weather stripping. Interestingly enough it is the same type of weather stripping that is used on other doors and windows. It can start to dry out and when it does it may crack and break off. Not only does the weather stripping help with insulating the garage but it also helps to keep unwanted insects out of your garage. You want to make sure that you have your stripping inspected and replaced when necessary.
Garage Door Stop Molding: If you are one of the people that have a wood garage door you probably have a different type of molding or seal. The wood is outfitted with what is called a PVC stop molding. The molding is added to the entire garage door and is installed on all four sides. You can have a solid or even a hollow molding that is being used. They each have their own benefits and it is best to talk to a garage door repair specialist when choosing the right option for you. The molding will help to insulate the door as well as level out the door and make sure that it is flush with the outside edging.
Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripping: One area that the garage door needs a little extra help with weather stripping is at the bottom of the door. That is why many people choose to use a bottom seal as an added increase to their door. This is in addition to the other type of weather stripping that you might have. You can use a rubber piece that helps to seal the base of the door down to the concrete floor. You may have also seen a brush style bottom seal. That great thing is that you can always change them out when they are needed or if you want to try a different approach.

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