Benefits of Replacing an Old Garage Door in Summerlin, NV; Adds Home Value & More

There are a number of benefits for replacing an older garage door with a newer and more modern garage door which many homeowners are discovering. Quality Garage Door Repair has installed numerous new garage doors throughout the valley. Many of our customers have shared some of the unexpected benefits that they are now enjoying. Quality Garage Door Repair will share some of these benefits with you in the event you are looking to have a new garage door installed at your home.

How Much Value Does a New Garage Door Add to Your Home?

The first initial benefit that homeowners claim to notice is that a modern garage door has increased the value of their home. Most of us will access our home through the garage and by having a smoother and more secure garage door, their property value increased. Some studies have shown that about 80% of the installation cost was returned to the homeowner. For those considering selling in the near future, installing a new and more modern garage door will help increase your property value and help pay the cost of having it installed.

Garage Door Insulation Saves on Energy Bills

Another benefit that some homeowners report is that by having a better insulated garage door, it helped save on the energy cost. Having a better insulated garage door helps to keep the heat out of the garage. This is a plus, especially when the garage door entrance is the entrance most frequently used. A better insulated garage door also helps to provide a better storage area for things affected by the heat. There are many items and chemicals that are stored in the garage and during the heat of summer it can cause major problems, especially for automobile fluids. Additionally, modern garage doors have a much better security rating so other goods such as tools and expensive equipment are better protected from theft.

New Garage Door Requires Less Maintenance

Older garage doors and their operating systems require a lot of maintenance and repairs. The newer garage doors and its operating systems are built more efficiently. One major improvement of a modern gave door is a smoother and quieter activated garage door. By the newer garage door systems needing less repairs and maintenance the homeowners save more money over a span of time.

Insurance Premiums Often Lower with a New Garage Door

Older garage doors get damaged and wear out due to various reasons. This often causes insurance coverage costs to rise due to the risk of failure and projected damage. By installing a new garage door, the cost of homeowner’s insurance coverage can drop by as much as 10%. This is why when you replace your garage door you should inform the insurance company. Make sure you are able to provide a receipt or proof of the installation. Each insurance company does vary but many homeowners are pleasantly surprised to learn how a simple replacement of a garage door can help save them money.

Residential Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

This is but a few on the many benefits of replacing a garage door and its operating systems. If you are looking for a better or newer garage door as well as a company that can help you with installation and ongoing maintenance, Quality Garage Door Repair can provide you with all the service you will need for your garage door. Contact Quality Garage Door Repair today for you new garage door installation.

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