Backed into Garage Door in Las Vegas, NV; Damage Assessment, How to Fix & More

Having a bad moment that results in you plowing into the garage door is more common than you might think. Where this incident isn’t unheard of, it still leaves people wondering what the next step is. Quality Garage Door Repair would like to share some advice on how you should handle causing impact damage to your garage door.

Backed into Garage Door?

1) Garage Door Damage Assessment: Before anything can be done, assessing the damage is first on the list. More often than not, the bottom of the garage door sustained the most damage. Typically, the garage door can even still lift most the way on doors that feature and electric garage door opener. Garage door openers are powerful enough to pull a load of 350 pounds, but should never lift more than the daily load of approximately 10 pounds. Check all the parts of the opening and closing system before you close it back up. Lifting cables should be in alignments with the drums they wind up on, rollers on the tracks, hinges intact, equal full distribution of the garage door, and other such parts are functional. If everything is fully functionally then close the door. If you should hear any abnormal sounds or smell electrical burns, unplug the opener from the outlet.
2) Professional Garage Door Repair Assistance: There is not much you can do if the garage door is off the hinges, additionally there are many repairs or replacements that need the expertise of a licensed professional as someone who is untrained can sustain severe injuries. No matter the extent of the damage, it is optimal to contact your professional for an inspection and estimate of repairs.
3) Contact your Insurance Agency: You should give your insurance company a call whether your vehicle, the garage door, or both sustained damage. More often than not, vehicle insurance does not cover the repairs for the garage door, which means that you also need to contact homeowners insurance. Finding out what the deductible is, and if premiums will go it is ideal to compare it the estimates of repairs to make an educated decision on the financial obligation for repairs.
4) Budget Garage Door Repairs: The garage door replacement or repairs and labor costs will likely be the heavy crunch. Knowing the extent of the damage and age of the garage door will help calculate the exact cost; factoring labor, parts or replacements. If the garage door is older, the replacement parts might be difficult to locate, adding more cost and time to the project. If this is the case, consider replacing the entire garage door and opening system. Consulting with your professional can help you determine if the old garage door is worth saving and which newer model would be a better fit for your home and habits.

Residential Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your Las Vegas, Nevada garage door has taken impact from a minor or even major car collision and impact caused damage to the garage door, call in the experts of Quality Garage Door Repair today and we can assess the damage and consult with you on optimal solutions.

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