Troubleshooting Garage Door Openers in Henderson, NV; Won’t Open With Remote & More

Has your garage door stopped working? If so, it could be due to your garage door’s opener and in the main mechanism that operates your garage door. There could be several reasons as to why your garage door opener may be having problems. Quality Garage Door Repair will take you step by step and help you troubleshoot the cause as to why your garage door opener may not be working.

Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

1. Often the main reason as to why a garage door opener stops working is that its main power supply has been interrupted. First, test the theory by using both your remote and the garage wall button to see if there are any reactions. Next, look up at the opener located on the ceiling of your garage and see if perhaps somehow it got unplugged. If it is still plugged in, then check your circuit breaker and make sure it wasn’t tripped. If that happened, you may need to replace a fuse or the GFCI. If that all looks in order, move on to the next possible solution.
2. The next possible problem could be that the close limit switch might need adjusting. Sometimes if the door isn’t closed all the way and the garage door opener won’t activate, it could be due to the limit switch. To see if this is the problem, attempt to open and close the garage door manually. If it binds, or the garage door activates and reverses when the garage door hits the floor again then you will need to reset the limit switch or adjust it. However, if the garage door opener reverses before the door hits the floor then that is due to the force setting. If this is the case, re-adjust the force setting.
3. If the garage door won’t open all the way when manually opened, try to move the limit switch towards the motor or opener. If the limit switch is too close to the motor or garage door opener, the garage door opener will kick on and won’t turn off.
4. If the garage door opener is functioning when activated by the wall mount button and not your remote there could be problem with the garage door opener reading or sensing the remote. First try to move closer with the remote toward the garage door opener. If it still doesn’t react then make sure the garage door opener antenna is hanging down and not being blocked. Another obvious problem could be that the battery of your remote died or your remote is broken. You can simply replace batteries or buy a replacement remote and reprogram it.

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If none of these basic steps in troubleshooting your garage door opener has solved the problem, then contact a professional garage door technician. If you are not familiar with how a garage door operating systems works or you are uncomfortable making any adjustments, you can always leave it to the professionals. Quality Garage Door Repair provide inspection as well as repairs, maintenance, or even replacement of your entire garage door system. If you’re having trouble with your garage door functioning correctly, contact Quality Garage Door Repair today.

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