How to Fix a Garage Door Roller that Keeps Popping Off the Track in North Las Vegas, NV

Your garage door no matter what style you have should be rolling up on a set of tracks. The tracks are installed in a manner to handle the door opening and closing on a regular basis. That does not mean that there will not be a problem at some point. If you notice that your door has fallen off the tracks you need to use caution. The door is extremely heavy and if the door is off the track even in the smallest area it can be a real danger. If the door falls on someone it can cause injury or even worse. The first defense is to know what might have caused the door to fall off the track. Then you can have the garage door repaired and do what you can to not have this happen again.

Quality Garage Door Repair Explains What Might Cause Your Garage Door to Come Off The Tracks

Garage Door Was Hit By A Car: Everyone has been in a hurry and tried to leave the garage a second too soon. That means your car will come in contact with the garage door and potentially knock it from the tracks. There are some people that go through the motions of heading out the door and just forget to click the remote to open the garage. You head off in reverse and you crash right into the door. This is not a great moment to add to a day that seems to already be busy. If you have ever bumped into the garage door with your car it may be off the tracks and need to be repaired. If it needs to be fixed you want to call a professional right away. The weight of the door is secured only when the door is completely secured on the tracks. It can be dangerous to move on your own.
Garage Door Tracks Are Damaged: The garage door has certain specifications that need to be looked at when the materials are purchased and used for installation. The door no matter what size is heavy and the tracks that are used need to be rated for that particular door. If your garage door was installed with the incorrect tracks that are heavy enough steel they can start to bend. The tracks can be bent over some time and when they are far enough off, the door will fall from the track. The other problem that occurs commonly with garage doors is when the tracks are not installed perfectly. They need to be level so that the door can smoothly run up and down.
Garage Door Rollers Are Broken: The rollers are a part of the doors moving mechanism that needs to be in good working condition. If the roller seizes up or becomes damaged the door may fall off the tracks. This is a repair that can be done by a professional by replacing the roller and placing the door back in the track.

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