Garage Door Hacking in Summerlin, NV; Rolling Code Openers to Secure Your Home

Your garage door is a vulnerable point of attack for thieves. Hackers use ways to compromise the security of the technology that seems safe, like the openers for your garage door. If thieves can access your garage, they have a hidden place to go through your things or gain access to your home, all sheltered from the sight of neighbors that could call for help. Some thieves will be bold enough and just pull a truck up to your garage and clean you out. For these reasons, it goes without saying that you will want to keep you garage door and the opener as secure as possible.

Older VS Newer Garage Door Rolling Code Openers

The garage door openers of the past did not feature the security features of the new ones. Old garage door openers all shared the same electronic code making them very easy to hack. All that was needed was a transmitter bought from the store and in they went. The newer garage door openers allow homeowners to set a code that is unique. These openers prevent thieves from getting in but that doesn’t mean the door isn’t still vulnerable to code grabbers. Devices can be purchased to steal your signal and keep it stored for later use. All a thief needs to do is re-transmit the code to operate the door. The best remotes on the market have rolling code technology. This means that a new code is used every time. New combinations from some 4.3 billion combinations will prevent the opener from responding to the same code more than once and eliminating code duplication. Unfortunately, hackers will continue to try. The use of radios can jam the signal while a third device steals the code that was used to open the door. When the receiver doesn’t get the signal, it stops the code form rolling over and allows the hacker to use the stolen code without rollover.

How Can I Secure My Garage Door from Getting Hacked?

1. Do not leave your garage door remote in your car. This is an invitation for would be thieves to break in and have access to your home.
2. If you are going to be away for a while, use a deadbolt lock on your garage door for more security.
3. Make sure the door into your home from the garage is a secure-heavy gauge one with an anti-kick device and a deadbolt. One with a peephole is even better should you hear a noise in the garage.
4. Don’t leave your garage door open. Another invitation for thieves.
5. Using cameras to record the activity going on around your home will send thieves onto the next home.
6. When you go on vacation, you can put a padlock on the throw latch of your garage door and disengage the opener.

Garage Door Opener Services & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Older garage doors and ones that aren’t even a decade old still might be using a fixed code system. Make sure it’s using rolling codes for the most security. If you are unsure, you can contact Quality Garage Door Repair to have a new one installed. Give us a call today!

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