What Are Garage Door Cables & How Can They Be Damaged in Las Vegas, NV

When it comes to your garage door there are lots of moving parts and heavy items. That means that the garage door can have several areas that could be damaged or in need of repair. The main parts of the door that most people are aware of are the panels, motor, photo eye sensors, tracks and springs. Although all these are major components to the garage door they are not the only parts that might need your attention. The garage door should be not only inspected on a regular basis but there are parts that need to be replaced and repaired. You also need to have your garage door lubricated to ensure that all the moving parts are functioning with ease. One of the parts that help to support the door as well as the springs of your garage door are the cables. The cables are a major supporter of the weight and the movement of the door and need to be inspected and replaced as soon as they show signs of wear and tear.

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What Are The Garage Door Cables?: The garage door cable is often a steel cable that is also called the lift cable. They come in different thicknesses and lengths. To know what type of cable you need you need to know what spring type you have and the size of the garage door and its weight. That will help you know what to get when you have them replaced.
What Types Of Cables Are There?: There are a few options when it comes to the cables that are used in your garage door. A torsion cable is a cable that has been attached to the garage door near the base. They length that is needed is dependent on the height of your particular door. The top of the cable is looped at the end towards the bottom and it is crimped closed at the top. The extension spring cable is a cable that is used when your door is outfitted with springs that are on the sides of the door. The weight of the cable and length will be determined by the actual door. Safety cables are the last type of cable that you may need to have replaced on your garage door. These cables are a backup to the springs that are actually holding the door in place. The cable runs through the spring and is a security to stop the door from falling if the springs break.
How Are Garage Door Cables Damaged?: Just like anything that is used and part of equipment and machinery they will start to wear out. The cables can become weak or they can start to fray. If they do the cables will need to be replaced. The best way to have them replaced is to hire a professional to come out and do the installation.

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