Garage Door Measuring Guide in Henderson, NV; How to Size for a Rough Opening or Opener

When it comes time to look for a replacement garage door for your home, one thing you want to know among the other useful information is the proper size. Measuring your garage door is fairly easy with the right approach. Knowing the proper measurements, especially if your garage door is custom made, can ensure a perfect fit. We at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to share the steps to measure your residential garage door when you are shopping for a replacement door.

How to Measure Garage Door

1) Gather the Essentials. Collecting the needed tools and equipment beforehand will make the task simple and smooth. There is not a lot to this project. You will need the following:
– A sturdy step ladder
– Either a pen or pencil
– Note pad
– Measuring Tape
2) Measuring the Garage Door: The measurement of the width at its widest point is needed. Be sure to jot it down. From the middle of the left side of the finished opening directly across to the right side; note the measurement in feet and inches on your note pad. Get assistance if you have a traditional tape measure or use a digital tape measure as it may be difficult for you to stretch a tape measure all the way across by yourself. Measuring the height in feet and inches is the next step. From the highest possible point to the level of the floor the top of the finished opening is where you want to collect this data. The next measurement is the room you have between the door opening and the ends of the garage. From the width of the opening to either side to the end of the garage on that side is the measurement you want. To install vertical track an additional four inches on each side is required and for a double car garage door, the center post needs at least 10 inches wide. Now, with the use of your step ladder, measure the distance from the ceiling to the top of the door opening. This space in referred to as the headroom, and having this measurement is important because the garage door will need to roll up on tracks through this area. The final measurement is the distance from the back of the garage to the garage door opening. This is referenced as the backroom; another critical measurement that is needed because this is the area where your garage door will retract when it opens. You will need to know the amount of the door height plus 18 inches for manual lift doors or 4.2 inches for doors that retract with an electric garage door opener if you have a sectional door.

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Now that you armed with the pertinent measurements for your garage door, you narrow your search down. Consider the type of material used for your garage door, the finish, hardware, windows, and other such features. Quality Garage Door Repair is readily available to help you find the right garage door and get it installed quickly and efficiently. Call us today to get started!

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