Garage Door R-Value Comparison; Benefits of Energy Efficient & Insulated Garage Doors in Las Vegas, NV

There is so much building awareness for energy efficiency. Nearly everywhere in your home can be upgraded to be more energy efficient. Appliances, HVAC systems, window coverings, and even your garage door can have energy efficiency attributes designed to cut down on the energy consumption your residential home uses day to day as well as reduce your power bills. Garage doors that are designed to be more energy efficient have many benefits and advantages. Today we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to have a closer look at energy efficient garage doors for homes.

What Are Energy Efficient Garage Doors?

With the garage door being the largest moving component attached to your home, you want to make the best choice when it comes to installing the most ideal garage door. Energy efficient garage doors are garage doors that are well insulated to reduce the transfer of heated or cooled air into your garage. Any garage door that is attached to the home is a home that is susceptible to having the air from the garage circulating into the living space of your home. With the aid of an insulated garage door, the outdoor temperatures cannot seep into your garage, and circulate into the temperature controlled air inside your home.

Ideal Climate for Garage Door Workshops

Many modernized homes have converted their garage into workshop or hobby space of sorts. Spending consecutive hours inside the garage can be seemingly uncomfortable if the outdoor weather condition influence the temperatures inside your garage door. Having an insulated garage door installed can better maintain the temperatures in your garage or workshop, allowing to you spend the hours tinkering in comfort.

Insulated Garage Doors Lessen Strain on HVAC Systems & Noise Pollution

In many multiple story homes, the garage is often located beneath livable space. In the instances where the garage door is not insulated and the air inside your garage door is not better contained, the air can seep into the above floors, making the air temperature fluctuate thereby putting addition strain on your HVAC system. Insulated garage doors can reduce the effects, and better preserve the energy consumption. Garage doors that are well insulated not only contain the air, but the noise. The outdoor environment noises can be cut down to make your workshop quieter and more enjoyable. If you have a band practicing late nights in the garage, having an insulated garage door can likewise assist in containing the noise from appreciative neighbors.

Garage Door R-Value Comparison

When shopping for your insulated garage door, take note of the R-Value. The R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance, more specifically the thermal resistance to heat flow; used within the construction and building industry. The rating consists of some basic properties, but in a nutshell for the laymen, the higher the R-Value is the better the insulated materials used in the garage door will be.

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