How to Care, Protect, Maintain & Extend the Life of your Garage Door in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

The garage doors equipped on residential homes are often the main door used for welcoming families home, as well as the most popular exit. With people wanting to keep their vehicles safe from the elements as well as unsavory passersby, many use the garage door accordingly. With continually opening and closing the garage door multiple times a day, every day, the garage door is going to experience wear and tear, and deterioration; add the occasional accidental damage to the equation and you have got a recipe for a quickly disintegrating garage door.

Quality Garage Door Repair Relate Some Tips to Help You Extend the Life of Your Home’s Garage Door

1. Garage Door Finish Protection. The chosen finish on your garage doors protects the panels along with improving the aesthetics. Having damaged finishes leave the garage door panels vulnerable. It’s important to keep the finish well protected. Here is how:
Garage Door Paint. Chip the lifted paint away and sand down the rough edges to. It will keep additional paint from peeling off and get it prepared for the new coat of paint to adhere onto. Use quality paints with meticulous coverage to ensure a well coated door. If wood is exposed, the water will compromise the integrity. It is highly recommended that wooden doors get old paint scraped on and a new coat every other year.
Garage Door Stains & Sun Damage. Water can easily seep in when the stain wears down to thin coat. Moisture will make the wooden panels warp, rot, and even grow mold. Prevent water from ruining the wood, as well as UV rays from fading out the stain by using a lacquer designed to fight against the sun’s rays.
Garage Door Powder Coatings. Be sure to clean the plastic coating periodically to reduce the chemical films that settles onto the surface.
2. Avoid Garage Door Panel Damage. High wind damage can destroy the paneling on the garage door. Make sure to invest in a strong grade of resistance to the high wind damage. Try to avoid games and sports directly in front of the door. Kids often get caught in the moment and balls are often responsible for dented panels.
3. Care for Moving Garage Door Parts. Tighten any loose hardware. Applying the correct lubricant solvent to the appropriate areas, keeping tracks free from debris, and conducting a quick visual inspection to ensure there is no warping or signs of other damage is a great idea. If any missing parts or damage is noticed to any component of the garage door, notify your professional garage door repair company to make the necessary adjustments.
4. Schedule Garage Door Maintenance. Make a routine calendar list of the maintenance you perform to your garage door, as well as scheduling with an annual professional maintenance service to ensure the garage door is getting the proper treatments, cleanings, and small part replacement as needed.

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With a properly maintained garage door you will increase the lifespan, reduce the need for major repairs, as well as keep your residential garage door working at peak efficiency. Not only will your garage door work when you need it to, but the curb appeal will be maintained with a well preserved garage door. If your garage door is in need of some maintenance, call Quality Garage Door Repair today to schedule your appointment. Our experts will perform comprehensive garage door maintenance to help you care for your garage door.

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