Garage Door Safety Tips & Rules in Aliante, NV; Avoiding DIY Repair Hazards & More

Garage door accidents happen all too frequently, and many of these accidents can be avoided if people only knew. In an effort to help keep homeowners safe, we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to discuss a few garage door safety tips.

Garage Door Safety Tips & Rules

1) Garage doors are not designed for play. Kids will look to anything to play on these days and one thing needs to be clear, and that is to have them understand garage doors are not playground swings or obstacles an obstacle course. Some teenagers need reminding that garage doors are not designed to be used for skateboard parks. Be sure to constantly remind your kids, no matter their age, the delicate nature of garage doors and what they are used for.
2) Glass parts of garage doors are delicate. Whether your garage door is made primarily of glass, has glass windows, or any other components is derived of glass materials, these doors need extra care when they are handled as they are obviously more fragile. There are many reported injuries that happen when a glass door that has glass in its construction and design breaks. Though there is not much that can be done to prevent this, cleanup can happen in a fast and efficient manner to avert additional injuries. Never leave any glass debris behind and use caution while cleaning up the glass.
3) Wait for garage door to open fully before closing. Generally, garage doors are automatic and come with a remote and a lot of people are guilty of opening the garage door, and immediately close it. In an effort to save a few steps, they will try to jump the gun and park their cars before the door closes. This has been the cause of many injuries and even fatalities. To avoid such catastrophes, use the garage door accordingly.
4) DIY garage door repair hazards. There are quite a few homeowners that take great pride in their home and/or save some cash by doing many home improvement projects on their own. Unfortunately, there are quite a few repairs and maintenance services that if attempted without the proper training can result in severe injuries. It is imperative to your personal safety and to avoid property damage if you leave garage door repair and maintenance to trained professionals.
5) Avoid sustaining injury. Getting pinched by the garage door is a common occurrence; other doors are equally responsible for getting pinched. To avoid this rather painful injury, keep your hands off any pivots or joints because that’s where pinching usually happens. The whole door or a particular section can be caused to cave in due to improper maintenance. Injuries or even death can be a result of a falling door if anyone is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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In a nut shell, so many injuries and fatalities can be easily avoided by allowing professional to perform maintenance and repair services as well as treating the garage door with respect and care without mistreating its use. When your garage door is need of repair, call Quality Garage Door Repair and let our experts take care of your garage door needs to keep property damage free and more importantly you and loved ones safe. Contact us for all your garage door needs!

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