Why Backup Residential Garage Door Keypad & Remote Batteries are Essential in Paradise, NV

Power outages occur when you least expected them to. When you lose power to your home you also lose power to your garage door opener. When this occurs, your vehicle, if parked inside the garage, is trapped. If you need to go to work, pick up your child from school or there is an emergency, you will find yourself without your vehicle. There are a number of scenarios where it is bad news if your garage door will not open due to the loss of power. This is where backup batteries play an important role. Quality Garage Door Repair will share more about backup batteries and why you should have one installed and occasionally inspected to make sure it’s still holding a charge.

Garage Door Opener Backup Battery Types

Depending on your garage door opener model, you may or may not have a backup battery installed. Older garage doors may not be equipped to use modern batteries. However usually it takes a garage door technician to determine what kind of backup battery is needed. Most modern garage door openers use a small 12 volt battery and each brand will vary in shape and size. Keep in mind that most garage door openers have space for a backup battery. You can look in your garage door manual and see what size or dimension of battery you need. Not all openers will come with a backup battery. Sometimes this is an optional feature. If you are looking to replace your garage door opener, it is strongly encouraged that you have this feature.

Garage Door Opener Battery Replacement

Backup batteries are designed to supply your garage door opener with power when there is an outage. Most batteries hold enough charge to power the opener for at least 24 hours or 20 full cycles (a full cycle is when the garage door opens and closes). Batteries can recharge themselves once power is regained to the garage door opener. Recharge time can take up 4 to 5 hours to complete. However, just like any battery they will need to be replaced from time to time. Most backup batteries can be recycled. Especially here in Nevada, with our extreme heat, batteries need to be changed more often than other batteries. It easy to know when you need to change your backup batteries in a modern garage door system. Most garage door openers will have an alert such as a red blinking light or a beeping sound that may go off every 2 to 30 seconds. Depending on the brand of your garage opener and the brand of battery you choose to use, a replacement backup battery can cost anywhere from $50 to $100.

Garage Door Emergency Release Pull

If you have an older garage door opener that doesn’t use backup batteries or you don’t currently have a backup batteries system, you still can open the garage door manually. All garage doors have an emergency release lever that will help you open you garage door manually.

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If your garage door opener does not have backup batteries, we strongly encourage you outfit your opener with one. If you’re unsure if your system has a backup battery or you won’t to check its charge or function, contact Quality Garage Door Repair. We can inspect and maintain your garage door system.

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