How Durable is Your Garage Door in Enterprise, NV? Considering Performance Needs in Replacement

Throughout the opening and closing of your garage door, you probably don’t take the time to stop and consider all the strength your garage door requires. The garage doors are thought of as fairly durable, heavy and protective. These doors are designed to do a lot of lifting and controlled falling, and more often than not, multiple times a day. As your garage door is the largest moving component of our home, and therefore the most potentially dangerous, it is important to note the performance of your garage door including the strength capabilities. Today, we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to take the opportunity to discuss just how hard your garage door works, and how important it is to have a quality garage door for your Las Vegas home.

Garage Door Performance

For starters, your garage door endures more than you may suppose, it works harder than you might give it credit for. Consider the following examples of how your garage door performs:
– When you hear the ball bouncing off the exterior of your garage door and do not discover any dents.
– The interior of your garage temperatures as the garage door keeps the unwanted heat and coldness out.
– The ability to withstanding extreme wind storms, excessive rains, heavy hail or other extreme weather conditions.
– Prevent unauthorized people out of your home, particularly burglars.

Garage Door Replacement

When you consider these points alone, your garage door requires quality and durability. If you are looking to replace your garage door or simply want to upgrade it, there some comparisons you should keep in mind to ensure your garage door has the strength and reliability you are looking for.
1) It is essentially standing up to the weight of a car, if your 12’ x 8’ garage door is subjected to 90 mph winds.
2) A garage door that is 25 years old withstands the same amount of energy as that found in 55 gasoline barrels and the shine prevails because the amount of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that hit the door each day equals the same amount of energy required to cook a whole turkey.
3) In an average lifespan of a garage door, it goes through 25,000 open/close cycles; the equivalent of the door hiking Mount Everest’s 29,000 feet a total of 5 times.
4) Resulting in a temperature difference between the outside and inside temperatures of up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the amount of insulation in an R-16 rated garage door is roughly the same as if you put on three one-inch thick, Thinsulate winter coats
5) You will see similar temperature differences in the summer too, making sure your interior stays cool when you opt for a garage door that is weather sealed and well-insulated.

Other Considerations for Replacement Garage Door Installation

The garage door is more important than you may have realized, especially when you invest in one that seals out the weather and offers efficient insulation. To increase the performance of your insulation, consider a garage door with polyurethane insulation. Doing so will not only make sure the interior is protected from the heat and cold outdoors, but it will also reduce the amount of exterior noise you hear and provide increased resistance to bending.

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