Need for Garage Door Inspection Checklist & Tune Up Maintenance in Green Valley Ranch, NV

The garage door is the largest moving component of your home and the garage door is commonly responsible for causing damage, personal injuries and even fatalities because of poor maintenance. Not only do you need the garage door to operate efficiently as you open and close the door coming home and leaving, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your home or any damage or injuries sustained because a faulty door. With that in mind, we at Quality Garage Door Repair would like to offer some of the benefits of having your garage door annually inspected by a professional.

Benefits of a Garage Door Inspection & Tune Up

1) Saves time and money. At the conclusion of an inspection, the professional will discover if there are any potential problems. After disclosing the issues at hand and solutions to rectify the problems, you can choose to invest on repairs and adjustments now. Tackling minimal issues can be quickly resolved at a small expense and quickly taken care of as opposed to waiting for the problem to turn catastrophic; turning into a costly expense. Additionally, you save time not having to schedule extensive repairs and ordering parts and being without an operable garage door.
2) Safety. Safety is the primary benefit in investing in a professional inspection as during the service, full function and safety features are evaluated. Like all things mechanical, malfunctions can cause failure despite garage doors having to lawfully be equipped with specific safety features. The garage door inspection conducts diagnostics and tests to make sure the safety features are working adequately as well as ensured the performance of your garage door.
3) Garage Door Breakdown Prevention. Components and moving parts are vigorously checked for visible signs of damage or excessive wear during the professional comprehensive inspection service. You are sparing yourself the grief of having a major breakdown and even emergency services by investing in an annual garage door inspection.
4) Professional Quality. The experts conducting your garage door inspection have all the necessary training, experience, parts and tools at their disposal and will often offer to make the repairs on demand if time is available. You can ensure inspections and any repair services are of quality.

Garage Door Inspection Checklist

General garage door inspections include, but are not limited to, the following:
– Any cracks or other compromising damage is looked for in windows and glass components.
– Weather seals are evaluated to ensure optimal condition.
– Dents or crinkles that prevent flowing operation are looked for when checking the tracks.
– During an inspection, springs are checked for performance because they often loosen.
– Safety mechanism is tested to ensure superior adequacy.
– Any missing chunks hinder smooth operation so the rollers are carefully looked over.
– If a panel is not up to par it can create additional malfunctions, and panels can be damaged from impact.
– Nuts and bolts are inspected for any missing hardware, if they require tightening.
– During the inspection the proper amount of lubrication is inspected in the necessary areas.
– Lift cables are checked for any signs of fraying or damage caused by excessive use and/or time.

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When your garage door is due for an inspection, call the experts of Quality Garage Door Repair and our professionals will perform a comprehensive inspection to ensure the safety and integrity of your garage door is up to par.

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