How Hot, Cold, Rain, Wind & Other Weather Affects & Damages Garage Doors in North Las Vegas, NV

Southern Nevada is exposed to many different types of weather. Weather has a surprising affect on our home’s garage door that can lead to needed repairs. While some situations such as hail are rare, Southern Nevada does get them from time to time. Other weather conditions, such as heavy rains or most especially wind storms, have their affect on your garage door as well. Quality Garage Door Repair will share how Mother Nature has her affect on our garage doors and if or when you may need repairs due to these conditions.

How Does Heat, Cold & Other Weather Affect Garage Doors

Garage Door Hail Damage – In Southern Nevada and most specifically Las Vegas, the latest heavy rain and hail storm hit just last year on June 30, 2016. As hail storms are a bit rare for the Las Vegas area, they still do occur. They do cause damage to homes and yes, to garage doors too. Some reported damages to garage doors mainly occur to the outer panels of the garage door. Most of them were severely dented and some even pierced through. Once these little holes are in the garage door, it lets in dirt, pests, and other elements that cause problems to your garage’s interior. When hail damages the panels of the garage door, you should consider replacing the damaged panel to maintain the garage door’s integrity.
Heavy Rains Cause Rust & Erosion of Garage Doors – Most garage doors are protected with a water-resistant sealer that helps prevent water damage. During heavy rain storms, your garage door should be able to withstand the moisture. However, as garage doors age this protective sealer wears off. Most garage doors use metal panels in which the sealer protects them from these moist conditions. When it wears away, rust and erosion begin to damage your garage door. If the rust or erosion isn’t repaired, which involves sanding and resealing the garage door, then eventually the rust or erosion becomes too severe and the garage door will need to be replaced. Moisture has a serious affect on your garage door, so make sure you maintain your garage door’s protective sealer.
Garage Door Wind Code – Las Vegas has had record breaking wind storms this past year which caused quite a bit of damage to homes, flipped over vehicles, and yes, even damaging garage doors. In most cases the wind damages are minor. However, that’s not always the case. Powerful wind storms can bend garage door panels, cause frequent vibrations that can cause the rollers to come off the track, and other system failures have occurred. After a wind storm make sure to check your garage door. Run it through a complete cycle. In other words, fully open and close the garage door before exiting it. Some damage from wind storms can cause the garage door to fall down suddenly, causing injury or damage to whatever is below it. This is why you will want to test your garage door before assuming it is functioning properly. If something appears not to be working properly, even if it seems minor, contact a garage door repair service to inspect and repair any noted damage.

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Mother Nature should never be taken lightly, especially if your garage door has been affected by recent weather conditions. If your garage door needs inspection or repairs, contact Quality Garage Door Repair.

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